Nature even used the weakest way to create the most fierce weapons

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In 504, Da Vinci wrote in the manuscript -how to describe the tongue of the woodpecker?

After 504, we discovered that this was Da Vinci’s last wish, and he was thinking about this issue one week before his death.

The tongue of the woodpecker once fascinated Da Vinci, and what secrets do the tongue of all things contain?

Today, let’s talk about this story.

Woodpecker’s tongue

Back to 2006, the funny Nobel awarding scene, a scientist with a woodpecker on the head is saying that the tongue of the woodpecker grows in his mind …

What does it mean?

I do n’t know if you have thought about the woodpecker when he is working, how much impact is it to suffer.

If you change to humans, I am afraid it will be shocked.

And why is woodpecker okay?

It turned out that the expert named Ivan R. Schwab continued to say that after the anatomy, it was found that the tongue of the woodpecker grew from behind the nostrils, then passed through the right nostrils, trailed above the skull, on the skull, the tongue was divided The fork becomes two, the two tongues, then through the pillow bones and eyes, and finally merged into one on the root of the beak of the beak, and then stretched out the mouth.

This structure has two effects. First, the tongue is upper brain, which allows the length to reach the length of the bird’s beak of more than 3 times, 12 cm, and sometimes longer than its own body.

In this way, after the woodpecker cuts the trunk, it can spit out a long tongue to hook out the pests in the tree hole. If it is enlarged, there is a dense hook on the tongue of the woodpecker.

The second purpose is to protect the eyes and brains. Why should the woodpecker’s tongue reach the pillow bone punishment for two?

Because the woodpecker has two eyes. When it penetrates the woodpecker, it is as high as 20 critical strikes per second, and the maximum exercise speed has reached an exaggerated 555 cm per second. At 1000 times the gravity, professional pilots and astronauts can only bear the average gravity of 4 to 5 times, and it is likely that it is likely to suddenly faint.

Imagine the feeling of a roller coaster dive?

That’s only 2 times the weight.

Therefore, what is the concept of a 1000 -fold gravity of Woodpecker? Da Ivan went on to say that it is no longer a problem of brain vibration. Whenever you change another creature, I am afraid that the beads must be thrown out.

But the woodpecker turned the tongue into the seat belt of the eyeball. At 1 milliseconds before it pecks the trunk, the tongue will link a transparent instantaneous membrane in the eyes to close it instantly, wrap the eyeball tightly to prevent it from jumping out of the eyebrows out of the eyes Essence

At the same time, the skull of the woodpecker is like a sponge. It is thick and soft and can form a buffer device with the two tongues of the back of the head to further reduce the impact.

This is really amazing.

However, if we continue to study the tongue of all the creatures, we will find that woodpecker is just getting started …

Full of your tongue?

The woodpecker’s tongue is about 2-3 times the length of the bird’s beak, which must be trapped on the brain.

What about pangolin?

Its tongue is about double the body length, isn’t it full of brain tongue?

It turned out that experts discovered that the tongue of the pangolin was not on the head, but on the waist. It was really the same as that paragraph. It’s really done.

Moreover, the tongue of the pangolin is extremely flexible. Although it is thirty or forty cm long, the thinnest place is only half cm diameter, and the thickest place does not exceed two cm. It is not relying on pouring, but relying on a very strange saliva mucus to stick all the termite and insects.

The saliva glands of the pangolin are very developed, and it extends from the mouth to the shoulders, just like carrying a saliva cannon, which is very exaggerated.

In addition, in order to increase the efficiency of the tongue, the pangolin is also installed in the throat part of the throat. Provide powerful ejection force.

In this way, the tongue of the pangolin can be 80 times back and forth within one minute, with an average of 1.3 back and forth per second. First, the pangolin uses a sharp claw and armor to open the stone seam to achieve a real gap. 1.3 back and forth, 4050 cm long tongue, pounding Huanglong.

In this way, within a day, you can eat 30,000 termites.

Wearing armor, starting to kill the Quartet since the extinction of the dinosaurs. It has not evolved in 49 million years. It can even lock the air by scales. Mowing

Experts say that the tongue is the first weapon of the animals. Many times, why do various animals evolve into strangeness?

This is actually related to their “tongue” or the method of predation.

Therefore, the tongue is the second wonderful organs in nature. The first wonderful organs are a more primitive code than predation, called reproductive. This original member channel has talked about it.

So, since the tongue is a weapon to create survival, what does our tongue originated from?

Origin of the tongue

Here is a thriller that predatory squid to prey. Is the two suddenly stretched out, is it the tongue?

In fact, these two are not its tongue, but their predation tentacles, and the overall structure is probably like this.

Squid and octopus, such as head and foot animals, they all have a hard beak. Then, the beak is the same tooth tongue (Radula). Software animals have already ordered tooth tongue technology a long time ago. Like a corner grinding, there are countless sharp teeth on the tongue to help them eat.

This is the earliest type of tongue known at present.

Of course, our tongue does not originate from this software tooth tongue, but from such a story …

Note that the man was holding a bait in his hands, as if there was something constantly hitting this bait, it seemed like water splash?

Sure enough, if you look closely, there are several small fish directly below the bait. Are they staring at the bait? Are they launching a water bomb?

Yes, this kind of fish is called Archer Fish. Through the intuitive perspective of scientists, the phenomenon we see is probably like this. A small fish can actually fire the water bomb accurately underwater and shoot down the insects on the leaves. Then prey on them.

How did this do it?

In fact, this is precisely because of the water fish mouth, the most primitive tongue began to appear. It is a slightly bulging mucous membrane. In ordinary fish mouth, this layer of mucosa can help eat. Become a water gun.

Then, there was a parasite called Tongue-Exting Louse, and we were about to see the original form of our tongue-yes, the retractable fish lice ate the mucosa in the fish mouth, and then Also reached a symbiotic agreement with fish, so the most primitive and scary living tongue appeared in our ancestors …

We only put a few more acceptable pictures here, other heavy taste pictures and videos, you can search yourself.

In short, the fish later also felt that this living tongue was a bit thrilling. Although it helped me eat it, it still felt strange. Can I grow out my own tongue?

As a result, as soon as our golden fish is excited, it grows the first tongue that is different from octopus and squid, and is exclusive to vertebrates. Then, experts call it osteoglossiformes. Essence

That’s right, you hear the wrong, the most primitive tongue, with teeth.

But golden fish looks docile, what is it to do such a scary tongue?


If you are a golden fish lover, then you must be no stranger to this kind of arowana vomiting beads.

The workers carefully grasped the arowana, then found the angle, buckled its mouth, and then, the dragon balls of the la la la la spit out from its mouth.

Looking closely, these Dragon Balls would still swim, and they were still small fish.

That’s right, this is the magical arowana spit bead, and it is the wonderful tongue skills of the bone tonguefish -used to bring baby.

Didn’t you expect it?

In fact, Hemao is the principle. After the fish eggs are fertilized, the arowana dad will contain all of them in their mouths, and the bone tongue will become the oxygen pump of the little guys. Provide appropriate water temperature and oxygen content for the oral swimming pool.

The incubation process is about three or four months. The first month is fish eggs. The two or three months behind, the fish eggs will become small fish, and they will cross their childhood in the mouth of Dad.

When the chitfasters grew up, Dad opened his mouth and spit out all of them.

However, now golden tullets are highly valuable. In order to increase the production of arowana, many farmers will help them spit the arowana in advance, and strive to cultivate every small fish egg into the best arowana that can be listed.

The arowana father did not eat or drink in the three or four months of hatching the small fish. It was not until the small fish left the mouth, and it began to find food again.

Experts say that bone tonguefish must be in a very ancient era. At least two or three billion years ago, they encountered some major changes. They became tanks in the river. Pointing out unprecedented tongue technology, and then full armor on this tongue. They must face dual pressure at that time. On the one hand, they must use hard bone armor to fight against the rough bite of predators. On the other hand, on the other hand, on the other hand, they are They must also use armored tongue to crush the armor of the prey.

At the same time, they also give up their lives to protect their fish and eggs. They are really like a space opera of human orphan expedition. They eventually become survivors. With their tongue and armor, they have not evolved for about 99 million years. At the beginning, they were already overlords in the freshwater rivers, and have been living quietly to this day.

Until decades ago, their population was still very rich and was the daily food of the fishermen in Southeast Asia, but later, they suddenly became darlings in the fish tank of the world. Then, their gorgeous ancient armor made them endangered. Like the pangolin, this is another tragic story …

Do dinosaurs have tongue?

Cracking this secret, the experts turned out to find a clue from the tiger.

We all know that the tiger is a big cat. Like a cat, it has dense stabs on the tongue.

This is actually the relics of the ancient bone tongue. These stabs can help the tiger lick the residue and minced meat attached to the prey bone, which can also help you sort out the hair.

So, as a large dinosaur with the same meat, is there such a tongue full of thorns?

There is no doubt that the experts took out a few photos of dinosaur descendants. This is the tongue of Huangmei Penguin. This is the tongue of the flamingo. This is the tongue of the parrot. The big goose also has the same tongue.

But wait, dinosaurs are not all eating meat, and there are many herbal dinosaurs. What will their tongue look like?

This is also a hard -won expert, they will ask, do you know why camels are not afraid of being tied up to eat cactus?

Some people say that when watching the video, the camel spit out its horrible tongue, but in fact, this is not the tongue of the camel, nor the stomach of the camel. To this kind of camel that spit “tongue”, don’t provoke it. It is in estrus and very irritable.

It’s not far away. The reason why the camel is not afraid of the cactus is because it has keratinized sarcoma in its mouth. The pictures are a bit horrible. Everyone supplement it by themselves. These keratinized sarcoma, which are our commonly known nails.

Another less horrible animal is the giraffe. It directly grows the keratinized protein to the tongue. The keratin protein makes the tongue black, just like wearing a hard glove, you can directly bend the spikes on the plants and bend over the plants. Fractor.

In addition, this hard -glue tongue of the giraffe is still long and flexible. It can be used to dig out nostrils and digs ears like our little finger …

Well, according to this kind of push, experts generally conjecture that from the era of bone tonguefish hundreds of millions of years ago to the dinosaur era of 70,000 to 80 million years ago, animals have mastered very mature tongue technology, one like tiger and tiger and Birds, one like camel and giraffe.

Of course, there are also a category of frogs, geckos and lizards. Their tongue really goes far. As our tongue is not on the same technology route, they may start with waterfish to start the skill of shooting water. You can point out the tongue directly. It is really uncomfortable, and we stop.

Continue to explore our human tongue, what kind of ancient weapons do it come from?


I don’t know which year, this cute baby monkey in the picture suddenly became an Internet celebrity pet.

Large eyes, just like what we shared in the panda movie, this is in line with the aesthetics of human beings.

But in fact, babies, glasses monkeys, and bee monkeys are all top killers in nature.

And their tongue is finally becoming the most horrible large -scale killing weapon on the blue star …

Looking closely, it turns out that they have two tongues, the upper and lower split, the upper one is similar to us, and what is the following one?

It turned out that experts gave it a special Latin name, called Sublingua.

Is the tongue like a comb?

That’s right, its function is used to clean the mouth and comb the hair, but how can the toothbrush and comb become the most scary big killer on the blue star?

If you have watched this member video, you should be able to smile.

“Comb Mao, Gossip, and Language Evolution” is the latest anthropological research. It is believed that our language originated from the ability of gossip and nonsense, and the ability of gossip and nonsense, which originated from the habit of combing each other with each other, and the habit of combing each other with each other’s hairs Will it come from these most primitive baby monkeys and bee monkeys. Do they use their tongue to clean their mouths and hair?

If the tongue is reasonable to reason the idea of the first weapon, this is completely possible. Therefore, as in “A Brief History of Humans”, we use the ability of language, nonsense and fictional common goals Religion, and then the scope of cooperation between the human ethnic group is getting larger and larger, step by step breaking dozens of people, tens of thousands of people, and even reached a miracle of global cooperation today. The reason for all our cooperation is the ability of language and gossip And the starting point of language and gossip is likely to be in the baby monkey’s mouth, this humble tongue comb.

In this way, our story finally came to humans, licking our own tongue, and do you know its four secrets?

Four secrets

First, the umbrella under the tongue (bì), that is, like this, there are some small meat beards under the tongue.

Looking at the mirror, many people may grow unknowingly.

This may be some kind of evolutionary residue, normal phenomenon, do not pull it, it hurts very painful, and it is prone to inflammatory infection after disconnection.

It is said that the population of the tongue is very good. It may be the evolutionary residue of a certain language ability.

Second, less than 1%of people can be “inflated” in the tongue, like this, but it is not really inflatable, but a special ability to control the muscles of the tongue. The world record certification is the longest person in the world.

Third, the tongue nourishes water, and people who have this superpowers are about 10%. Usually when you yawn, you find your superpowers, grow up your mouth, the tip of the tongue to the top of the teeth, and then a one, and then one, one, and then one. For hard work, there were two small water flowing out of the tongue.

This is actually normal. It nourishes saliva, and the outlet is also a normal saliva glands.

Experts believe that this is also a evolutionary residue, which may be related to the tongue used to be used as some kind of intimidation weapon.

For example, there is such a lizard with a blue tongue in nature. According to research, its blue tongue can be used to scare the enemy.

Including the Merbid War Dance, why does it mean that tongue dances represents the meaning of welcoming you?

It is said that it is also because the Maori people will use the movement of tongue to intimidate the beasts, and if they are not scared, it is the same kind. Therefore, the slow tongue dance posture in the gross profit war dances has become a welcome meaning.

The fourth secret, the tongue will also make long meat. Although the tongue is the most exercise muscle on our body, and it will never feel tired. At most, it feels taste. That is the performance of the mouth muscles that cannot keep up with the power of the tongue.

However, our tongue sometimes makes long meat because of lack of exercise. Why do girls rarely snore?

That’s because most of them are slim, love to talk, and have a lot of tongue exercise. On the contrary, middle -aged men are fishing, silent, blessed by their bodies, and their tongue will grow meat.

Then, when you are lying flat, the blessing tongue will affect the airflow of breathing and the snoring sound of the creation.

Therefore, speaking more, more nonsense, and spending more tongue, to some extent can slow down snoring.

This is our tongue. In addition to these secrets of physiology, in the humanities, it also has more secrets …

Cao CaoVSZhuge Liang

In the ancient book “Five Color Line”, Cao Cao wrote to Zhuge Liang that the chicken tongue scent five pounds today to make a micro -intention.

What is the fragrance of chicken tongue?

Cao Cao also sent something to Zhuge Liang?

In fact, the mystery of cracking chicken tongue fragrance is probably related to a online incident a few years ago.

About 2008, there were many posts from the author of “Mercy Nong” on the Internet. “Mercy Nong” was also the poem of Khan dripping the soil.

According to the post, the author of “Mercy Nong” Li Shen, who loves chicken soup, has to kill 300 chickens every time. The frugal image of noon was like two people, and Barabara was a lot.

Obviously, as soon as this post came out, it immediately caused extensive discussion and controversy.

At the same time, the historical case of chicken tongue soup was also cracked step by step in the discussion. It turned out that the story of this chicken soup was first used by the Qing Dynasty to Black Northern Song prime minister Lu Mengzheng. Lu Mengzheng wrote ” “Broken Kiln Fu” “One -killing man with two games.

In the Qing Dynasty’s novel “Jian Yan (hù)”, Lu Meng loved chicken tongue soup and had a bowl of bowls every time he went up.

But Lu Mengzheng’s chicken tongue soup was not made by chicken tongue at all, but exactly the same thing as Cao Cao sent to Zhuge Liang. It is a precious Southeast Asian spice -chicken tongue fragrance. In ancient times, although it was precious in ancient times, it was not a top luxury, and it was an essential consumer product for a doctor of literati. During the Han Dynasty to the Three Kingdoms period, the story of chicken tongue appeared in our historical records for the first time.

It is said that when Emperor Han Yan, when the Yellow Turban Random was about to erupt, there was an old minister who was close to the elderly, but he often talked with the emperor. The emperor was really embarrassed once, so he found someone to get a chicken tongue and give it to the old minister. With.

*”Han Guanyi” Emperor’s servant, old bad breath, the fragrance of chicken tongue and containing …*

The old minister was so scared that he thought he had any fault. This was what the emperor gave himself.

After returning home, the old minister began to arrange the funeral with his family. After preparing to arrange it properly, he chewed the poison in his mouth and died peacefully. I vomited the poison in my mouth.

As a result, my colleagues laughed at a glance. This was chicken tongue fragrance and gum.

It can be seen that during the Three Kingdoms period, the fragrance of chicken tongue was not very popular. Since the incident happened, in the circle of the court and scholars, the emperor also had the allusions of chicken tongue fragrance. During the period, Cao Cao and Zhuge Liang certainly understood the truth. Therefore, Cao Cao sent Zhuge Liang to five pounds of gum. Is he a bad breath?

It is also possible to think about it. Zhuge Liang was a tongue battle for a while, and after a while, he was the first old thief of Hao Hao. He directly scolded the death of the king Lang and Wang Situ.

But in fact, we all know that Cao Cao loves dumb mystery. After a while, I wrote a crispy crisp for Yang Xiu, and then gave the box to the box. Therefore, the five pounds of chicken tongue fragrance is actually the dumb mystery written by Cao Cao to Zhuge Liang. Zhuge Liang Of course, it is the allusion to quote the bad breath of the old minister. The mystery is to say that if we do n’t, we are the officials, and we will serve the Han Dynasty with the fragrance of the chicken tongue?

For example, do you know that 知道?

He claims to have the aroma in his mouth, hear a hundred steps, and where he sits, the aroma is not scattered for three days, and Emperor Han Xian likes him.

Therefore, it turned out that this letter was the evidence of Cao Cao’s once digging Zhuge Liang.

I really don’t know what Liu Bei thought.

It is said that when Zhuge Liang received this letter, Zhuge Liang was at a time at a time that could be around the Three Kingdoms.

At that time, Liu Bei entered Sichuan and was trapped in Tancheng. The situation was in crisis. The so -called Wolong Phoenix chicks and Mr. Phoenix chick died in the city. If Mr. Wolong did not bring his soldiers into Sichuan for rescue at this time, the history of the Three Kingdoms would inevitably be rewritten.

Sure enough, at this time, Mr. Wolong Zhuge Liang received Cao Cao’s five pounds of chicken tongue fragrance.

In fact, Zhuge Liang was preparing to choose not to rescue at the time, but suddenly Sun Qiangqiang was inserted and drove the ducks into Sichuan for rescue. Then Zhuge Liang was abroad after successful rescue. Here I continue to share the story of the tongue …

Lao Tzu’s master

Confucius said that Lao Tzu Shenlong did not see his head. Why is the book administrator of the Zhou Dynasty, why is it so powerful, and you can write the Tao Te Ching in just 5,000 words?

In fact, Lao Tzu also has a master. According to the legend, Lao Tzu’s master only taught Lao Tzu three words before his death. Lao Tzu understands morality with these three sentences, and the root of these three sentences is related to his tongue.

This story, probably, the Emperor Fuyi of the three kingdoms in the last years, like Lao Tzu, has enjoyed countless lost classical books.

He later wrote a lot of Chinese medicine secret recipes and ancient ancient secrets. It is said that if Huang Fuyi wrote a copy of “Acupuncture A Classic”, our acupuncture technology is likely to be lost during the Three Kingdoms period. The story of our member channel.

In short, Huang Fuming later wrote a book called “Biography of Gao Shi”, which records the story of more than 90 ancient characters.

It is mentioned that one person is called Shang Rong. This Shang Rong is not the Shang Rong under the hands of King of Shang Yang, but the opening of the meaning of the Shang Dynasty.

*”Gao Shi Chuan · Huangfu” Shang Rong, I don’t know who the people are, there is a disease …*

Then, Huang Fusheng also said that when Shang Rong was sick, Lao Tzu came to ask Shang Rong, do you have any legacy to teach his disciples?

So, Shang Rong said three sentences, the first sentence, do you want to get off the car when you return to your hometown?

In the second sentence, do you know when you pass through the big tree?

The third sentence, do you see my tongue still there?

Lao Tzu, in.

Do you think my teeth are still there?

Lao Tzu answered, not there.

So, do you know?

So far, the three sentences of Shang Rong have finished, did you not understand at all?

But it doesn’t matter, our Lao Tzu understands, Lao Tzu sighed on the spot, saying that you must be telling me that hard things will die, and weak things can last.

Shang Rong finally said, haha, the world is the truth.

In this way, Shang Rong finished the essence of the world in three sentences, and Lao Tzu was inspired by it. Later, the Tao Te Ching was written. It is really unexpected.

EinsteinWhy tongue tongue?

Time came to the night of March 14, 1951, Einstein was celebrating the 72nd birthday at Princeton Club.

But the news was leaked. When Einstein ended the party and was ready to go home, the club was already full of reporters from major newspapers. The flash made Einstein a little uncomfortable. Even if it was already on the car, the reporters were still poor Farewell.

At the moment when Einstein’s companion was about to close the door, a reporter shouted, hey, professor, laughing one.

I did n’t know that Einstein was just like the jumping photon, and suddenly looked back, and even spit out his tongue. At that moment, the photographer Arthur Sasse pressed the shutter, so we saw this classic classic photo widened. Essence

After the photo was reported, I never expected that Einstein not only did not get angry, but also said that this was my favorite photo. I asked the newspaper to come over, I washed a lot of them, and sent friends everywhere …

So why did Einstein speak tongue at that moment?

Some people say that this was because Einstein was suspected by the United States at the time, and reporters have been asking him to ask him how he looked at the political incident that he was suspected of being suspected of being in the United States.

Einstein’s tongue tongue finally showed his attitude towards the incident.

However, some people say that Einstein’s tongue tongue, like Shang Rong, wants to fable a kind of avenue.

What is this avenue?

Remember we shared on the Da Vinci program, did Einstein’s evaluation of Da Vinci?

Einstein believes that Da Vinci is a person who always keeps childlike and observe nature forever, how to describe the tongue of the woodpecker, which is probably a problem that most people will never think about it after 5 years old, but Da Vinci is 67 The week before the death of the old age, I have been thinking about this useless issue.

Is Einstein’s tongue tongue, do you also want to explain the meaning of childlikeness and uselessness to us?

Well, today’s story is shared here, thank you all.

In the end, the lady said that your film today is a bit jumping, and it really shows the essence of uselessness and childlike heart.