After being tested by various channels, all the lychee is confirmed that the highly toxic ingredients have exceeded the standard. Why?

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Recently, the online exposure litchi drug incident has once again triggered public concerns about food safety. After testing by formaldehyde and chlorine dioxide test solution, all lychee purchased on the market and network channels all contain a highly toxic ingredients. In this case, we can’t help asking why those things that do not even eat dogs have been allowed to sell and eat them with fakes. What kind of interest chain is hidden behind this? Intersection

Consumers have always paid close attention to food safety issues. However, the phenomenon of abuse of toxic substances to improve the taste of food and preservation effect has always existed. These irresponsible, drive -driven, and the purpose of the public put the public’s health in the end. We have to question what the purpose is this and why indifferent?

After analysis, we can see that the interests behind the interests are all aspects of the food production and sales chain. First of all, in order to maximize interests, some illegal merchants will extend the fresh -keeping period and quality of food by adding toxic substances such as formaldehyde in order to reduce losses and increase profits. Secondly, the regulatory authorities lack sufficient law enforcement efforts, resulting in some illegal merchants organic and illegal discipline. In addition, consumers’ lack of lack of food safety knowledge also provides a chance for illegal merchants.

Facing the current severe food safety situation, we need to take corresponding and practical measures immediately. First of all, government departments must fully strengthen the supervision of food production and sales chains, increase law enforcement efforts, and severely crack down on illegal acts. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the formulation and improvement of laws and regulations, and at the same time, law enforcement must be strict, illegal must be investigated, and a more stringent regulatory system must be formed. Secondly, enterprises should consciously fulfill their social responsibilities and do not take profit as the only purpose, but pay more attention to the quality and safety of the product. In addition, consumers should also strengthen the learning of food safety and improve their ability to identify food safety issues.

I have to reinvigorate the food safety problem again is the most important part of the safety of the people’s lives and property, which is related to the health of everyone. It should be known that people’s health is 1, everything else is 0! We must not tolerate those behaviors that do not choose for the purpose of profit, let alone a blind eye to food safety issues. Let us actively act together and make practical efforts for real food safety.


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