Why no one dares to eat the “watermelon” in the desert? Localist: Eat a try

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In the summer of recent years, the temperature in all parts of the country has remained high. On the hot summer, holding a large watermelon in the air -conditioned room is very cool and comfortable. With the development of technology, the cultivation technology of watermelon is also becoming more and more advanced, seedless watermelon, etc., to improve people’s happiness.

However, in the desert areas in my country, there is a watermelon“Far -Farly Relatives”It is not a good guy. And with a skin that is very similar to watermelon, it is often misleading and hurting the human body. Sometimes it even seizes people’s lives. This is medicine watermelon.

Medicine watermelon

What is medicine watermelon?

People walking in the desert are thirsty and unbearable. The basic composition of the human body is water. Under a state of extreme lack of water, the body is very uncomfortable, and the immunity will be very low.

If this time, it is found that in the sandy areas not far away, the tip of the brain of watermelon is exposed, and it is like catching the life -saving straw. Even if it is not water, it is excellent to have a watermelon.

However, don’t care about it, this is likely to beMedicine watermelon wearing “watermelon peel”They are hidden in the sandy land, mainly distributed in Xinjiang and other regions in my country, and there are complex “clan systems.” Want to say that it is not watermelon? It really comes with watermelon.

The watermelon we often eat is fruit. The earliest appeared in my country, and some people were put into planting. They were brought into our country by the Khitan people around the 10th year of AD. If we continue to trace the roots, we can find that the real ancestors of watermelon belong to Egypt 5,000 years ago.

In fact, watermelon is really “seven melons inside a pulse”. For the specific division, in addition to the watermelon we often eat, there is one of the medicine watermelon.Medicine gourd.If you listen to the name, you will guess that medicine watermelon is a medicinal material?

In fact, not only does it have no effect, but it is also toxic. In this kind of medicine watermelon, there are several substances that can cause harm to the body of the organism, which are alkaloids, diol, and glycoside. And these elements act on people’s body, which will be symbolic into symptoms of dizziness and diarrhea.

In general, people’s accidental watermelon will occur in the desert, and it is a state of extreme water shortage. In this way, the immunity is extremely low, and the greater the space for harmful substances.

And after diarrhea, the degree of water shortage of the human body will be more dangerous, and more serious will cause the body’s body temperature to decrease significantly. After liver and kidney necrosis appears, people’s lives are also in danger.

Since it is so terrible, let’s compare these two kinds of melons, don’t eat it by mistake. Although the medicine watermelon is a bit similar, it is still different.Its skin is yellow, and the texture above is not very clear.

When cutting it, people will find that it is even more different. The melons of medicine and watermelon are not seductive red, but white, and its melon seeds are very large. Soy beans are the same.

Although there are so many differences, it is easy to distinguish when extreme lack of water and blurred consciousness. Some people will ignore these differences. Almost the cost of life.

Cutting medicine watermelon

Except that people may not be distinguished, animals are even more unclear. Although it is a very dry desert, there are many animals inhabited here. The food in the desert is very limited. When encountering such a rare food, the hungry animals are also hungry.

Of course, animals are also creatures and are also affected by toxins. The situation is similar to people. The most common is diarrhea. However, it is still a great help for medicine and watermelon.

The ethnic group of medicine and watermelon is prosperous

Many plants will continue to evolve their own characteristics in the long evolution to continue the ethnic group. The most typical is some fruits. They will evolve themselves into a very sweet taste, so that they will attract a lot of animals to eat. After animal digestion and exercise, the seeds of the fruit will be brought to other places. Then land germinated to breed the ethnic group.

But the medicine watermelon is not delicious? Why did the medicine watermelon have not evolved into a sweet taste? This is to mention the growth environment of medicine watermelon.

Medicine watermelon growth environment

Unlike animals,I like the watermelon, so I like hot and dry. It is best to have no water without waterIf the seeds follow the animals to the humid habitat, the seeds are difficult to survive.

Therefore, it is better to speed up the speed of being excreted in vitro. Before you have time to go to a moist place, you will be excreted, and then you will reproduce the next generation in a dry environment.

In addition, there is another aspect that is explained by conducive to reproduction. From one level, animals can help spread, but from the perspective of limitations, it is not controllable, so the other level is to prevent animals from eating. The fruits are eaten clean, and it may not be discharged, whether it will be successful, and there is no source of communication.

Therefore, in order to continue, the wisdom plant is also evolved step by step. In this process, the medicine watermelon faded down its own sweetness and abandoned the characteristics of extremely poisonous. The taste is not so good, the taste is sour.

Although the medicine watermelon is poisonous, it is not difficult for the intelligent people. Local residents, in the face of so many medicines and watermelons, although they cannot be eaten directly, their own attributes can still be used. Since it can cause diarrhea, why not use this to treat the symptoms of constipation and poor excretion?

With such ideas, people dried the medicine watermelon and then made into a medicine, so that they can “create” medicinal value for the medicine watermelon, which also responds to its name. No, it mainly depends on people’s excavation.

In addition to the value of medicinal,The “huge” seeds in medicine watermelon are also very useful.Squeeze the watermelon seeds into oil is a good fuel. Moreover, such medicinal watermelons do not need artificial excessive care in the desert area. As long as it is naturally growing medicine watermelon, it has a very considerable number.

do not eat! Local advice

Most of the foreigners are tourists, but this situation is pretty good, because there will be preparing routes and leaders, and the situation of loss will not be very common. However, many people go to the depths of the desert with the purpose of adventure, and the risk of critical situations is also very high.

Desert adventure

Moreover, no matter what kind of people, the surrounding environment in the desert is very varied, the temperature difference between day and night, sudden sandstorms, hurricanes, and scarce materials. It is difficult to guarantee life safety.

So, if you want to go deep into the desert,Be sure to take safety measures, prepare materials and medical assistance items, as well as enough strategies and strong psychological construction.

If you are unfortunately encountered a very crisis, you must be vigilant, do not hold the fluke, and think that there will be no problems, but what you eat is the “poisonous melon” of ending life.

Today, what people can eat and cannot eat will become available. More and more ingredients, most of them are more strange. In addition to unique special dishes in various places, such as fried insects, different from ordinary cuisine, they are generally attracted to the attention of people’s curiosity. There are also some, which is a bit dramatic, raw food, strange ingredients, and so on, are not a minority.

Just say a bacteria, which are very different inside, and non -toxic and toxicity are also difficult to distinguish accurately. Moreover, there are many species that people have not yet learned in this nature.


Human beings are participants in the earth’s life, but it cannot be said to be the master. We and this nature are participants with the entire environment. They respect each other and live in harmony. From the time of comparison, there is still a big gap between millions of years and billions of years.

After people settled above the earth, they have never stopped exploring, and more and more places have been developed, and many strange species have been discovered.

In many books recorded by historic sites, many recovered pictures are very “original”, that is, it feels like all species, which belongs to the distant era, and has the same inherent charm. In fact, this is a strange sense. Essence

A person’s life may be only a decades of decades. Compared to the remains of a hundred years of sleeping in the ground, the distance between us is far away. However, with the development of archeological technology, with the advanced evolution of exploration technology, we have seen the “them” in the past, and we have seen many “them” who have lived on the same land.

From our current point in time, we traced forward and found the ancestors that exceeded the scope of memory. Exploring backwards, we will also find more rare species, they may be in different corners of the world.

The definition of this rare species may not have accurate standards, and different people have different definitions. It’s like a microcosm of medicine watermelon. We only come into contact with the watermelon that we have eaten in daily life. Therefore, it is strange to think that medicine watermelon is rare, but for local residents, medicine watermelon everywhere is not unusual.

Therefore, in the age of informationization, there may still be a situation that information dissemination may not be absolutely comprehensive, and there will be a part of the information poor. Therefore, we must recognize the limitations we know, recognize unknown, and be awesome.