Life is long, heartbeat knows? 2 million people research found that fast heart beats and slow life are related to the length of life

do you know? The heart of “work” every day, its beating speed or the length of life.

1. Studies of 2 million people found that: fast heartbeat slowness is related to life span

Regarding the connection between fast heartbeat and life expectancy, Professor Wen Qibang of the Taiwan Institute of Health has conducted special research. Professor Wen has collected a totalNearly 2 million pieces of medical examination informationEssence By analyzing the medical examination data of the subjects, the connection between the speed and life of the heartbeat and life, after eliminating the factors such as the three highs and smoking, the conclusions that are likely to affect cardiovascular health.

① The heart rate is in60-70 times/minuteThe crowd,Every time the heartbeat increasesOr expectShort life by 4 monthsRelated;

② heart rate in60-70 times/minute的人群,相较于<60次/分钟的人群,预期The average life expectancy has been shortened by 3 years

③ heart rate in80-90 times/minuteCross, expected life averageShorten for 5 years、处于90-100次/分钟的人,预期平均寿命缩短了8年、每分钟心率>100的,预期平均寿命缩短了13年。

In this result, Professor Wen believes that it is related to the heart rate caused by fast heart rate.Long -term overload work will increase the probability of “scrap” of the heart in advance.

At the same time, a study in Sweden also found thatExcessive heart rate or increasing risk of Alzheimer’s increasing riskEssence Researchers have followed up for many years of over 60 years old, and 289 subjects in the Communist Party of China were diagnosed with dementia.

After correcting age, gender, smoking, exercise, etc., the researchers have found that compared with people with a static heart rate 60-69 times per minute,The risk of dementia increased by 55%of the risk of dementia with more than 80 subjects per minute.

Second, the heartbeat is too slow, you must be vigilant

Fast heartbeat will increase the risk of multiple diseases, but this does not mean that the slower the heartbeat is, the better it is. Slow heartbeat may also pose a threat to health.

Li Xueqi, ECD physiology and fighting branch of the Chinese Medical Association, Long -term slow heart rate will also harm, easily lead to insufficient blood supply to the heart, which will cause hypoxia or ischemia.Once the heart rate is lower than 50 times per minute, you must seek medical treatment in time

Under normal circumstances, the heart rate per minute should be maintained at 60-100 times, andBe less than 60 times per minute, which is called a sudden heartbeat and higher than 100 times. It is called tachycardia.After people are excited, after exercise, and drinking coffee, tea and other energy drinks, the heart rate will also accelerate the heart rate, or the heart rate will slow down due to the decline in physical function. After time, it will return to gentleness and have little impact on the heart.

What really wants to pay attention to is that the pathological heartbeat is too fast or too slow, which will pose a great threat to health.

Excessive heart rate will undoubtedly increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.Every time the heart beating, a impact on the arteries will bring an impact. The more heartbeats, the greater the stimulation of the arteries, and it is easy to induce vascular endothelial damage and atherosclerosis. The number of heartbeats is also related to the function of endocrine system and nervous system. Excessive heart rate will cause excessive excitement of sympathetic nerve and increased carrier secretion, which is likely to induce the occurrence of heart failure and hypertension.

Excessive heart rate can lead to a decrease in the discharge of the heartThen, the blood supply to the brain and the body in the body will easily induce functional damage, and it will affect normal life. In severe cases, mixture and sudden death can be induced, threatening life safety.

Experts said that multiple studies have proved that heartbeat is negatively related to life.The heartbeat is within the normal range of 60-100 times per minute: the smaller the heart rate, the longer.

Third, how to stabilize the heart of “chaotic”, 6 things are critical

If you want to keep your heartbeat stable, you need to change from some details in life. These things are important and worth learning.

1. Quit smoking limit alcohol

Smoking and drinking will bring a lot of threat to the whole body health, which can easily induce cardiovascular diseases such as vascular endothelial damage and accelerated cardiac rate, and increase the risk of cancer. To keep healthy, quit smoking limited wine is important.

2. Reduce stay up late

Insufficient sleep can lead to changes in the physiology and hormones in the body, and then increase blood pressure and blood sugar, and will also increase the level of blood inflammatory substances to a certain extent. These factors will affect heart health and increase the risk of coronary heart disease.

3. Control weight

Data show that every 10%increase in weight, cholesterol in the body increases by 17.5, and the risk of coronary heart disease increases by 37%. With the increase of weight, cholesterol levels and coronary heart disease risks will rise straight. To prevent cardiovascular disease, it is critical to maintain healthy weight.

4. Emotional stability

Under the adverse emotions such as anxiety and depression for a long time, it will cause a large amount of adrenaline in the body, which will then increase the breath and the heartbeat speed. It will also increase the level of blood pressure and blood sugar, which is extremely unfavorable to heart health. Therefore, we must learn to relieve your bad emotions and face life with an optimistic and cheerful attitude.

5. Scientific diet

Long -term consumption of high -fat, high -calorie, and high cholesterol foods will cause excess fat in the body. A large amount of fat is deposited in the blood vessels, which is easy to induce the mobility of the articles and hardening, affecting heart health. A healthy diet should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure diversification of food intake as much as possible. At the same time, pay attention to light.

6. Persist in exercise

Exercise can speed up the metabolism in the body, which is also good for enhancing cardiopulmonary function, which is good for heart health. Pay attention to exercise for a long time, and it is difficult to achieve good results in fishing for three days and two days.

There is a great connection between the number of heartbeat and health. When you find that you frequently occur in the heartbeat, it is recommended to go to the medical examination in time.

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