Use the ancient wisdom to help the Green Asian Games

Just after the beginning of autumn, the summer heat is still shrouded in Hangzhou. How did the ancients solve the heat in the hot summer, do you know?

On the morning of August 9th, the Hangzhou Ecological and Environment Bureau Shangcheng Branch and the Party Branch of Hangzhou Institute of Hangzhou and the Party Branch of the Hangzhou Institute of Hangzhou jointly launched the theme education activity of “Harmony and Nature Harmony Symbiosis”.

For modern people, it can be easily solved for modern people. In ancient times, it belongs to the wonders of summer avoidance. It is full of wisdom, low -carbon and environmentally friendly. At the event, Teacher Yu Liting, an expert from the Hangzhou Institute of Ecological and Environment, introduced the ancient summer knowledge and ancient summer supplies. Herbal tea, pan fans, and straw mats, because the production process is simple and easy to popularize, it has solved the problem of Du Xia in most civilians. The automatic fan car invented by the Han Dynasty became the summer elimination artifact of future generations. Refrigerators, cold pillows, and cold drinks are not just exclusive to modern people. The ancient Chinese have long had them to realize the freedom of the summer early. Make your body cool, Ge Bu, and the magical Chengshui dumplings, let the mouth cool, there are drinks such as sour plum soup, herbal tea and other drinks. The ancients also had a “high -end goods” -Mrs. Zhu. At first glance, Mrs. Zhu looks like a fishing basket. In fact, she is holding the heat -relieving tools for sleeping in the summer. Mrs. Bamboo’s operating principle is very simple. In addition to the coolness of the bamboo products itself, Mrs. Bamboo’s hollow design can also bring people a coolness of “crossing the wind”.

Ancient Chinese poets also left a lot of verses about “Mrs. Bamboo”, which shows that it has the influence among the ancients of the ancients. The poem “Bamboo Kneel” of the Tang Turtle Mongolian wrote: “Yún 筜 (dāng) 筜 筜 筜 筜 筜.” Among them, Mrs. Bamboo Mrs. Bamboo is described.

The ancient people’s summer sheltering prescriptions can be described as a modern person to make low -carbon to the end. In this event, Mr. Zheng Siwei of the Municipal Academy of Circular Sciences told elementary schools from a professional perspective about the construction results of the Hangzhou “Green Asian Games”.

In addition, Mr. Gu Yu of the Municipal Academy of Circle Science and Technology introduced to elementary school students the theme of “protecting and improving urban biological diversity” the theme of “protecting and improving urban biological diversity” and the reflection of their biological diversity and its reflection in Song painting. “Biological diversity” refers to the sum of the ecological complex formed by organisms (animals, plants, microorganisms) and the environment and various ecological processes related to this. The ecological process studies the foundation of the function, structure, evolution, and biological diversity of the ecosystem. Teacher Gu Yu showed to the elementary school students the appearance of the crow and gray magpie in Song paintings and the form of these animals today. There is a charm.

Seeing the beautiful scenery when it is cool, it makes people feel particularly comfortable, and the natural style that comes from the sound seems to bring a trace of purity in the modern life of high -tech cohesive. At the outdoor event site, the staff of the Party Branch of the Hangzhou Academy of Hangzhou and the elementary school students participating in the summer camp came to a very distinctive ancient well in Shangcheng District. Drinks and fruits sent the “ancient” coolness to the hands of outdoor workers. Help this Hangzhou Asian Games, the wisdom of the ancients also needed to be present across time and space.

As the oldest city in Hangzhou, Shangcheng District has a very distinctive well water culture. There are currently 156 wells in Shangcheng District, and 52 are 100 -year -old well. In April 2017, the Ziyang Street Folk Ancient Well Research Association was established to carry out the propaganda of the five -water co -governance for a long time. Gujing culture is an important part of Song Yun and the excellent traditional culture of China. In September this year, Hangzhou will usher in the first green Asian Games in history to achieve the “carbon neutrality” goal. Inheriting the ancient well culture and helping the publicity and practice innovation of the Green Asian Games will definitely work hard to create a role in Hangzhou to build a modern city in harmony between man and nature.

This theme educational activity is also one of the contents of the “Inoue Summer Camp” activities organized by Ziyang Street. For the first time, the “Green Asian Games” and “Biological Diversity Protection Content” will be arranged for the first time. Drinks are provided for free to nearby outdoor workers, which are widely praised.