Will it be dead when you touch it? Liuzhou has shocked the mysterious “flower of the underworld”! Expert: Never pick

Nature is so amazing. It can soar high altitudes such as “King of Raptors” in the gold sculpture. It can re -born the “disappearing for hundreds of years” in the 100 -meter Tiankeng. It can accommodate the sunshine, and lives in tropical or subtropical parts with stubborn vitality, and “national treasure -level plants” and “snake wood” in the same age of dinosaurs. It can also take into account the “flower of the underworld” that is “the most afraid of the sun”. Its tolerance allows different animals and plants to live in peace!

No, the rare “Indian bison” in the rumored godbird “ιΈ©”, 1.5 tons of rare “Indian wild bison”, the rare “Heyuan Aoya” with only 100 plants in the world, and Lingyin Temple in 17,000 ancient trees blooming and other rare animals and plants After the scene, a natural good news was ushered in in 2023: Crystal Lan, known as the “Flower of the Underworld”, rarely appeared in Liuzhou! The abnormal species, as a species called “only one stubble for decades”, can be seen completely followed, but is called “ominous things”.

Experts more than once, and also issued the latest warning: Can’t touch it, don’t pick it! Is it really related to it? From the perspective of Rubik’s Cube, before the theory, in fact, you may wish to understand this species in depth, and even the large category of other animals and plants that are “ominous”. Below, let’s take a look at what kind of species “Flowers of the underworld” discovered by Liuzhou this time.

The mysterious “flower of the underworld” in Liuzhou Yuanbao Mountain! Why do you always think it is “familiar”?

It is reported that the discovery of the “flower of the underworld” is actually purely accidental. It was accidentally discovered on the Yuanbao Mountains of Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, Liuzhou Rongshui Miao Autonomous County. At that time, he was patrolling and unexpectedly saw a cluster of different species of different species in the area of 1800 meters above sea level. Essence So he quickly took the photos and reported it to the protected area. After inquiry and identification, it turns out that it is an extremely rare mysterious “flower of the underworld”!

“Flowers of the underworld”, also known as “Ghost Flower” and “Ghost Grass”. Its scientific name is actually Crystal Orchid. As far as the forest guard discovered, there were more than 140 plants, and the number of such large numbers was even more rare. Therefore, in order to better observe and protect this mysterious species, the protected area has been installed in relevant areas. Infrared camera. It is worth mentioning that maybe many people may have micro -words after seeing the photos of this species. They may not be uncomfortable, and they have seen it with themselves. There are even many netizens that there are many behind their own houses.

Experts say it is extremely rare. Why do netizens say that Houpo is everywhere?

It is undeniable that if you really have a destiny, you can see it in many places that meet the growth conditions, but often you feel “familiar” because of many “misunderstandings”!

First, Crystal Orchid belongs to the family of deergraof, and only Crystal Laniae has a very similar shape of Crystal Orchid, Sandarin orchid, and false crystal orchids. They are similar but different, but there are 37 species of the sub -species, plus 5 variants. Therefore, when you see them many times, you will always give people a feeling of “familiar”. Isn’t it what you have seen before?

Orange Blossom Crystal Orchid

Ball fruit fake sand crystal orchid


Second, the reason why it feels “familiar” may also be related to the unique shape and growth environment of this species. In terms of appearance, it is easy to be unforgettable. Its plants are fleshy, white and crystal clear, leafless, rootless, and aroma. From the perspective of the growth environment, it is mainly distributed under mountain forests at an altitude of 800-3850 meters. Obviously, many places where humans live in this area. As long as they are good at discovering, they may indeed find them under the deciduous leaves of the ecological forest. The figure.

Furthermore, the reason why the experts say “extremely rare” will not be contradictory corresponding to the “familiarity” of netizens, but they are not contradictory. First, Crystal Lan only exposed the ground for only about 40 days in a year, and after completing the task of flowering results and passing the generation, it will become black and withered. This is still lucky. When encountering bad weather, changes in the environment, or transplanted by humans, it may be a moment of life and death.

The second is that although this species is widely distributed across the country, there are very few in a certain area, which is actually very rare. From these two perspectives, it is enough to show that it is indeed extremely rare. Therefore, it seems that the experts and netizens have no problem.

The mysterious “Flower of the underworld” has been stubborn for decades, but why is it considered “ominous”?

It is worth noting that the “Flower of the underworld” Crystal Lan not only has a short survival time, has great environmental impact, and it is also very followed. It is said that in a natural state, it is a long -term biological species. It takes decades to give birth to a stubble for decades. It is also a secret jungle, which is extremely mysterious. It seems that the reason why it is called “ominous things” is exactly here.

This time Liuzhou discovered the location of Crystal Orchid

In addition, the reason why many people are given by many people in the people are actually related to the principle of not knowing it. Crystal orchids and other types of fleshy deer -bellied grass species, known as the “Flower of the underworld”, are snowy and crystal clear, in fact, they are just because they are born to the sun. They do not perform photosynthetic effects, and they always grow under the dark forests such as dead branches, so the environment gives people a cool feeling, so many people want to be wrong.

Furthermore, the wrong ideas of “ominous ominous” are actually inseparable from many people’s circulation of bizarre stories, fantasy novels, etc. At this level, it is not just crystal orchids, for example: when you see it, it indicates that there are bad things that are about to happen, “Bowl Flowers”, Black Lily, “Tengu Day”, “Tengu Food Month”, ” Seven Stars Lianzhu “and even” Nine Stars Lianzhu “, etc., have a bad meaning given by folk stories or historical rumors. But in fact, using modern science has long been confirmed that it is not related.

“Bowl Bowl” Anhui Stone Garlic

Other sidelines

Tengu Food Day

Folk rumors: Can’t touch it, it will be dead when you touch it! Expert warning: Don’t touch it related to it?

Many people will feel puzzled again. Since it is not related to the “ominous sign”, it is related to the people: “Crystal Orchids cannot touch, inform them, die, die, and die.” A warning, don’t touch it, let alone pick it? In fact, this problem is also very simple. The reason why experts say this is good for Crystal Lan or ourselves!

For Crystal Orchid, its texture is meat quality, and it is easy to drop the petals when it touches it, or it is directly broken. And its growth environment is special, and it is not a successful care for artificial transplanting. Experts also said that once Crystallan leaves the native environment, they cannot survive at all, as if they are picked up, it will soon become dark and wither, and even the first as the first brings home is a problem. It does not have the conditions for transplanting and survival, but also instantly loses the ornamental.

From the perspective of the picker or transplant, it really can’t touch it! It is currently included in the near-critical level of the “Chinese Biological Diversity Red List-High Plant Volume”. Although it is not careful not to damage it, it will not be “sitting through the bottom”, but it may be uncertain if it is deliberately for it.

All in all, although Crystal Lan is written in the novel terrible, it is actually neither toxic nor harmful, and even has reverse medicinal value for humans. And from the perspective of the sustainable development of human beings, it should indeed listen to experts and not touch it. Watching from a distance is the best protection away from them. What do you think?