For the first public report, this top scientist cannot show his face

This is the first public story about his story.

He is the top scientist of our army, and the equipment developed has filled the blank of a new type of equipment. “After experiencing life and death, I want to cast more instruments for the motherland” to protect him. In this report, the names of himself, wife, and colleagues are all pseudonyms.

During the experiment, he had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage, and the first sentence he woke up made people cry.

Li Minrui (pseudonym) and team, ordered to undertake a new type of equipment test task. He knew that this mission was related to national defense security. There was no experience before, but only successful and not failed.

Li Minrui led the team to work daily at night, and the test task finally entered the countdown period. After returning from the test site on the first day of the formal test, he suddenly fainted and was taken to the hospital. The doctor diagnosed cerebral hemorrhage and issued a notice of critical illness twice.

Li Minrui’s wife, Fu Jing (pseudonym), choked and burst into tears after knowing the news. All previous concerns turned into reality.

“He never sleeps for a few days and nights. Every night he has to spend what he does on this day like a movie. He has a lot of pressure and a particularly heavy responsibility. I have made the worst psychological preparations “,”

When colleagues visited, Li Minrui had not completely woke up.

Before the colleague left, he said in his ear: “Director, we return to the test site, and our experiment continues.”

Unexpectedly, after listening to Li Minrui, he was electric shock. The body was shaking, and his mood was very excited.

His wife said that when Li Minrui was half sober and half -confused, he remembered the work of work clearly, but he couldn’t say that his house number.

On the seventh day after the operation, Li Minrui, a coma, finally woke up. After opening your eyes, ask for paper and pen.

The first sentence written is “a certain weapon, military demand”.

He also wrote “happy time to reach” and “we need to pay several times more.”

Li Minrui later recalled:I want to tell them that this test cannot be interrupted, which involves the security of the country’s motherland.

The test was successful, and he actively rehabilitated and returned to his post. In the end, the team lived up to the success of expectations, filling the gap of a new type of equipment.

Li Minrui admits that the spirit of “two bombs and one star” has always inspired him, and he also actively recovered.

“In such a difficult environment, the predecessors did not give up, and I couldn’t give up. I hope to recover as soon as possible, and then lift the knife to gallop the battlefield and put it into scientific research as soon as possible.”

Li Minrui, who has not fully recovered, returned to work on the 444th day.

He said: The left half of the body cannot be moved, but my brain thinking is still clear, and the right hand is not affected.After experiencing life and death, the rest of the time, I want to cast more heavy weapons for the motherland.

When he became a member of a scientific research team in 2007, Li Minrui once asked himself in his heart. “In 1958, the predecessors were well -owned. Can I cast a big country as a big country like a predecessor?”

In fact, there have been answers.

For more than ten years, Li Minrui has participated in the research and development of major countries’ heavy weapons and completed more than ten national defense research projects.

Won the second prize of the military science and technology progress, and a certain type of equipment developed with the team has appeared on the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China.

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