A woman in Henan has not slept in 40 years. After 48 hours of expert monitoring, the expert finally revealed the truth

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How long can people not sleep? In 2008, “Approaching Science” told people a very shocking answer. A woman in Lao Zhangzhuang Village, Lao Zhangzhuang, Zhongmu County, Henan Province, has never closed her eyes in the past 40 years. I did a lot of examinations at the hospital, and the results were normal.

So why can Li Zhanying close her eyes in 40 years? Is her body different from ordinary people? What is the truth?

Once a U.S. scientist proposed a bold conjecture, is there any possibility of a person’s body that may not have to sleep?

The periodicity of sleep has the time

First of all, let’s find out what people sleep. We all know that at different ages, people’s demand for sleep is different. The newborn babies have to sleep for more than 20 hours a day, while children are about 10 hours, adults are about 8 hours, and adults are about 8 hours. The old man needs the least time, only 6-7 hours.

How important sleep is to a person, people who have experienced the high school stage may be the most clear. Under high -intensity learning, if high school students cannot guarantee sufficient sleep, how hard it is. -7 hours, why do you have to supplement for about an hour at noon, otherwise you can’t stick to it at all.

So is there such a special constitution in this world, can people who do not have to sleep? According to information, before Li Zhanying, there were three strange people in the world.

One of them was Mrs. Mirong, who was said to have been split in the woods in the woods. It was magical that after being rescued, Michards lived.

However, he never slept again, but Milie’s physical condition has always been poor. After finding many hospitals, he failed to help him solve this difficult problem.

The second place is the Ji Dour in Indonesia. Since the age of 17, he has no impact of external forces and no sign of signs. Unlike Michar Live to 56 years old, and died strangely without any physical disease.

The last one was the Frenchman Lier. When he was young, Lier accidentally witnessed an accident. He saw that a person lost his head in the accident. Affected by this incident He didn’t sleep until he lived until he was in his 80s.

Among these three, the most bizarre is Jiluer, but his life span is also the shortest. Although science cannot explain whether his life span is directly related to sleep. But from a medical perspective, long -term sleep will seriously damage the human body and even cause death.

How can a person’s body, not mechanical, can you not need to rest?

A former Soviet institute has done an experiment that is contrary to morality. They have detained several death penalty prisoners in the cell. There are complete foods and various living materials. They make these prisoners from entering through various extreme methods. Sleep.

The results proved that in the past two or three days, these prisoners could still hold on, but after 8 days, everyone began to have various severe symptoms. The psychological collapse was completely collapsed. In other words, they had completely lost humanity.

Scientists have also found that some genetic diseases can also cause people’s sleep quality to be reduced, and they cannot even fall asleep. Even if drug treatment can be relieved to a certain extent, it cannot be cured.

No check but no results

However, the protagonist of this article Li Zhanying is different from all the situation above.

Before Li Zhaoying, Li Zhanying had a different situation as ordinary people. She was always energetic. It only took a few hours a day, and the time to fall asleep was very short. I played with the adults all day. I was happy and happy. At first they thought that their children were very talented, maybe they were smarter and healthier than ordinary people!

However, Li Zhanying’s sleep time has continued to be shortened. By the age of 4-5, she did not sleep during the day and did not sleep at night, but she was forced to pressure by adults. In the evening, she often pretended to sleep intentionally. In fact, she actually pretended to be sleeping. After a few minutes of rest for about a few minutes, she entered a very sober state. Later, she couldn’t close her eyes at all. She opened her eyes all night.

Although Li Zhanying’s sleep time is very short, she has always been very good at daytime, and is stronger than all boys. When she is 10 years old, she can do a lot of big people to live.

Moreover, Li Zhanying has never been sick. She is used to sleeping at night, so her family did not find her abnormalities.

Later, Li Zhaoying introduced Liu Suoqin in the same village. After marriage, Li Zhaoying’s secret was discovered by her husband. A few months before marriage, Li Zhanying was as usual as usual, but she was pretending to sleep late at night, but she also had to sleep late than the average person. She cheated Liu Suoqin that it was because she was just married and was more nervous, so she was difficult to fall asleep.

But one night, Liu Suoqin got up in urine at night and found that his wife’s eyes were open, and it was frightened. Later, Li Zhanying did not cover up. The question, after questioning, Li Zhaoying told him the truth.

Liu Suo thought about it. This situation is too abnormal. It seems that his wife has a dragon and tiger every day, but how can I leave any sequelae if I do n’t sleep every day! So he always advised his wife to go to the hospital.

But Li Zhaoying told him that she told the doctor about this situation, I am afraid that I have never heard of it. Don’t be caught as a monster to study it!

Liu Suoqin temporarily dispelled the idea of taking his wife to see a doctor, but he was still not assured. He also tried to buy some sleeping pills for his wife, but found that it was completely effective.

In this way, Li Zhaoying did not sleep during the day. At night, he usually went to bed to squint and rest for a few minutes, and he was vitality. I ca n’t sleep, I get up and work, but the family lives. Li Zhaoying is really too capable. After doing all the work, I found a lot of manual work. A woman’s house and did the work of 3 men.

After getting married, their lives are much better than most people. Everyone in the village praises Li Zhan Yingxian and can do it. He said that Liu Suoqin was a good wife in his last life and married such a good wife. Every time Liu Luoqin heard this, he smiled bitterly and worried in his heart!

I have to say that a wife like Li Zhanying is indeed very lucky. Li Zhanying has a good personality, hard -working and capable, and after giving birth to a child, whether it is to work on the ground or bring children at night, all of them contracted alone. As he was getting older, Liu Suoqin still couldn’t let go. He bit his wife, and finally Li Zhaoying finally promised him to do the inspection.

However, they ran a few big cities, and they had done inspections several times throughout their bodies. They did not find any abnormalities. This is strange. The doctor also said that this situation has never been seen. So this secret on Li Zhanying was also public.

Some superstitious and ignorant villagers also talked about Li Zhanying’s bad things behind her, saying that she was a demon and ominous person. After hearing this, Liu Suoqin scolded those people. To say that, Li Zhanying didn’t have to say it in the village. Which household was not helping when she was farmer?

Since getting married, he gave him 3 children, one by one, healthy and clever. Under the influence of Li Zhanying, he was very hardworking and kind.

Tracking records of one day and one night

Li Zhanying became a local celebrity. In 2008, the CCTV “Closer Science” column group heard her story and came to the door. I hope Li Zhanying can agree to arrange several scientists for further in -depth inspections. Liu Suo thought that there was no disadvantage anyway, so he agreed.

So a few days later, CCTV came to a group. Several experts in various fields formed a temporary team. They lived in Liu Suoqin’s house and recorded Li Zhaoying’s life dynamics 24 hours a day, including Li Zhanying’s diet. One thing spent time, the intensity of work, and any details of her body recorded in detail.

After the first day, these experts were stunned, because Li Zhanying’s physical strength and energy were very good. She worked at least twice the time of other farmers in one day, but never felt fatigue.

Experts still discovered some of Li Zhanying’s special features through many details. They found that Li Zhaoying would still rest in the interval of labor. Maybe sitting in the ground, maybe chatting with people, squinting his eyes, a little bit stunned a little bit For a few minutes, her body can restore a lot of energy immediately.

On the second day, the team of experts had fallen in three shifts and took turns. One of the doctors found some very special places from Li Zhaoying.

He said that Li Zhanying did not sleep, but the way she was sleeping was different. To be precise, it was different from everyone. For example, when Li Zhanying opened her eyes at night, in fact, her body had entered Sleep deeply, this discovery surprises everyone!

Experts found that Li Zhanying’s Electrical Electrical Platform found that in the daytime, the fluctuations of the EEG more than the average person, which means that she has less physical energy than the average person, and Li Zhanying can easily enter deep sleep. Among them, this allows her to use some short breaks to restore a lot of physical strength and energy.

Calculated by Li Zhanying’s sleep method, in fact, in those 48 hours, her rest time reached 14 hours.

But there are still many places, which are not explained today. Even if Li Zhanying’s sleep method is very different from ordinary people, her physical consumption and recovery are much stronger than ordinary people, but her various physical indicators It’s normal.

Anyway, the experts have proved at least that Li Zhanying’s body is normal. It is normal to be healthier than everyone. There is absolutely no spiritual phenomenon. May , That’s the dream of each of us!