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Symbol: μ

Interpretation: The word of the international unit, indicating the negative 6 of the 10.

Discipline: Meritology_englasa and unit

Related term: Merit International Unit System

Picture source: Visual China

【Further Reading】

“Micro” is the head of the international unit (SI), symbol μ. This word originated from Greek μικρός, which means “small”. The combination of “micro” and the SI unit constitutes the decimal unit of the SI unit, indicating that one millionth of the original unit (1/1000000, 10-6). It has a wide range of applications involving a small amount or in precision measurement science and medicine. For example:

Combining “micro” with the length unit “meter” (M) to form the length of the unit “micron” (μm). 1 micrometer is equal to one millionth of one meter. Microcomi is often used in the field of optics. For example, the wavelength of (6 ~ 15) micron far -infrared rays are essential factor for biological survival and are called “life light waves”. It is also widely used in electronic devices and semiconductor technology, which is used to represent the size of the microcontrollers, and thereby derived the micron technology, sub -micron technology, and ultra -micron technology of integrated circuits to improve the manufacturing accuracy of components. Reduce errors.

Combining “micro” with the quality unit “gram” (G) to constitute the quality unit “micrograms” (μg). 1 microphone is equal to one million in one gram. Micro grams are widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics industry. In the field of environmental monitoring, the combination unit micrograms per cubic meter (μg/m3) are often used to record air pollution conditions, such as the average concentration of Beijing PM2.5 in 2022 to 30 μg/m3.

Combining the “micro” and the volume unit “litter” (L) to constitute the volume unit “micro -rise” (μL). The 1 micro rise is equal to one millionth of the one million liters, that is, one thousandth of milliliters. Micro -rise is often used in the field of biomedicine. In conventional nucleic acid testing, the collected nucleic acid samples are extracted, and 20 μL needs to be added to the amplification system, and then the next analysis is performed.

The title “micro” is widely used in the fields of electrical, optical, medical, and precision manufacturing. Using “micro” can have a clearer and appropriate description of micro -objects, which further enriches the multi -disciplinary field in one -million -level order of one -million -level order levels. development of.