How terrible is anti -substance? Just one gram is equivalent to the power of 2 Hiroshima atomic bombs!

Nuclear weapons are currently the most powerful lethal weapon for human beings, which are generally divided into atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs. They all release huge energy through nuclear reactions, thereby achieving a huge destructive role.

The principle of the atomic bomb is nuclear fission, which mainly uses heavy atomic nucleus such as uranium 235 or 钚 239 for fission, that is, the heavy atomic nucleus impacts the neutron. Raccons and energy, then these neutron continued to hit other atomic cores, thereby constantly fission chain reactions.

The principle of hydrogen bombs is different. It is through nuclear fusion. To put it plainly, it is similar to the principle of glowing and heat in our sun, but the conditions required for hydrogen bombs are very high. Because nuclear aggregation requires ultra -high temperature and ultra -high pressure to react, hydrogen bomb can be reacted. Therefore The high temperature and high pressure of the atomic bomb must be used, and then the hydrogen is lit with the hydrogen’s ingredients, so that the nucleus of the nucleus will occur with each other, and the new quality of the nucleus with a heavier quality is generated, thereby releasing huge energy.

According to Einstein’s mass energy equation, the quality conversion rate of nuclear fission is about 0.13, which is 100g of fissionable substances. 0.7, which is a polytable of 100g, is transformed into energy with 0.7 grams.

From the above, we can know that the power of hydrogen bombs is so great, but its conversion rate is only 0.7 percent. So if the transformation rate of material reaches 100 % is the power?

Only antimatters are currently aware of the conversion rate of 100 %. The so -called anti -substance is a substance opposite to positive substances. We know that atoms are composed of atomic nucleus and extractive electrons, and external electrons are negative. Then the anti -substance is the opposite of ordinary substances, that is, the electrons are positive.

As early as 1928, the famous British physicist Paulos Diracs proposed the concept of anti -material, and after 4 years he proposed, Anderson discovered the existence of positive electronics. Later And by 1995, scientists also created anti -hydrogen atoms at the European Nuclear Research Center, so humans began to consciously exist that anti -substances may exist.

However, although anti -substances can be made through particle accelerators, it is extremely difficult to save. Because anti -substances have a nature, that is, it cannot be contacted with ordinary substances. Once the matter is happened, the phenomenon of annihilation will occur, and huge energy erupted, and its quality conversion rate reaches 100 %.

If we contact the one -gram of ordinary substances with anti -substances, the two will completely annihilated each other and then release all energy.

Calculated according to the mass Energy equation E = MC 方, the power generated by only 1 grams of anti -substance and positive matter can reach 43,000 tons of TNT equivalent. This equivalent is equivalent to the power of 2 Hiroshima atomic bombs. I can imagine how terrible the anti -substance is!

At present, anti -substances can be said to be the most efficient energy of humans. If humans can create more anti -substances in the future and master the storage technology, then use him into a spacecraft, maybe Star Tour will no longer be a dream!