Visit the Yantian Wing Hydrological Station: Insist in the monitoring of hydrological data in the flood, risk life and danger to recover the stream

After working at the Yantian Wing Hydrological Station for 20 years, the webmaster Lian Yuzhu did not expect to meet such a big flood. The floods are approaching, and Lian Yuzhu and colleagues have not retreated. They try different types of current measurement methods according to the changes in environmental conditions in the turbulent water flow. In the difficult situation of interrupting the water and breaking of the water from Yanyi Town, they will be valuable through satellite telephones. The hydrological materials are passed out.

In this heavy rainfall, hydrological workers like Lian Yuzhu stood at the place closer to the flood and conveyed the data of rainwater intelligence and one -by -one testing data to provide a basis for decision -making for flood prevention and floods.

Talk: brave floods, monitor the flood peaks

Yanyi Hydrological Station is located in Yanfin Town, Mentougou District. It is an important flood prevention outpost in Yongding River. This is also the first hydrological station in the lower reaches of the reservoir of the Yongding River Hall. In October 2022, when the Yongding River was hydrating in autumn, the reporter also came here to interview.

On the morning of August 8th, the reporter reached the Yanti Wing Shuiwen Station again. In the interview last year, the Yongding River, separated by a road separated from Hydrological Station, left the mottled mark with floods here. Under the huge impact of floods, the ruler distributed by the river on the side of the river has been skewed, and the once -flat embankment is full of gravel at this time. On weekdays, Lian Yuzhu and colleagues have to go here to measure flow every day to monitor the flow rate and flow of the river water flow. They are important hydrological materials.

After the flood, the shore of Yongding River is covered with crushed rocks

In an interview with the reporter last year, a streamlined ship was parked on the shore. It accompanied Lian Yuzhu for 19 years. Lian Yuzhu cordially called it “old man”. However, in this flood disaster, the “old guy” completed the current test the day before the flood, and it was convenient for the next day to disappear in the rolling torrent. “I didn’t have time to see it for the last glance. Later The tested ship was hidden in the flood and was quickly wrapped in the torrent. “Speaking of the” old guy “, Lian Yuzhu’s heart poured a regret.

The time goes back to July 27 before the flood. The geei -winged hydrological station received the forecast information of the rain, and Lian Yuzhu felt that the coming of the upcoming rainfall was not good. “The first thing I did was to fully charge all observation equipment, communication equipment, and lighting equipment. It is guaranteed that the heavy rainfall can be successfully completed. “In addition, he also purchased living materials with colleagues, including instant noodles, mineral water, rice, noodles, oil, vegetables, etc.

On the evening of July 30, the heavy rainfall caused the water level of the Yongding River to rise rapidly. Lian Yuzhu wore a life jacket and took ADCP (acoustic Doppler flow velocity section). Test flow. What Lian Yuzhu didn’t expect was that this time the heavy rainfall made the Yongding River endlessly. Soon after the measuring boat was released, it was rushed across the river in the middle of the river. The boat also bumps up and down in the river. This is a situation that has never been encountered in the past test stream. “” I think that if the current measuring flow on the tester is very dangerous, I immediately decided to let my colleagues pull back to the streaming ship. He and his colleagues drove to find a temporary section test. “

“There was a bridge on the upper reaches of the river, which could be used as a temporary section. But when we rushed there, the bridge was overwhelmed by the water. We quickly transferred to the front of the car and opened to 800 meters downstream. Fortunately, the bridge is still there, and we are tested here. “Lian Yuzhu recalled that they carried out two streams on the temporary section. During the heavy rain, the water level continued to refresh the height.

The turbulent flood wrapped the toss of the sanctuary, which caused the accident that Lian Yuzhu did not expect: a pole on the shore suddenly broke, bringing the flow meter into the center of the river. Fortunately, there was a background on the shore, and the current measuring meter was rolled to the shore and turned back and forth in a vortex. “Just like the soldiers without the weapon of fighting, this new type of current measuring instrument is the ‘weapon’ of our water -based meter. I have to catch it.” Lian Yuzhu didn’t think much, he wore a life jacket, picked up the long handle and picked up the long handle. Hook, with the assistance of colleagues, he tied the life rope around his waist firmly to the electric pole. He held the impact of the flood and approached the current instrument in the vortex step by step, which brought the flow meter back.

On August 8th, the webmaster of the Goose Wing Shuiwen Station, Lian Yuzhu and colleagues, were ready to start the current.

Shortly after that, the electric pole tied to the life rope was also rushed into the torrent. After remembering this scene, Lian Yuzhu admitted that he was a little scared. He said: “I didn’t think much at the time, I wanted to save the equipment ‘rescue’. But now I think of it, if we are a little later, people may be rushed into the river channel. It is unimaginable. “

In the subsequent stream, Lian Yuzhu and colleagues have exhausted all the measures, including wireless remote control radar wave measurement systems, and traditional buoy method.

Data show that the Yongding River Basin Yantian Waterwing Station appeared in the early 10:00 on August 1st at 10:00, at 1700 cubic meters per second. Earlier, since the establishment of the Yanti Wing Shuiwen Station, the largest Hongfeng peak was 1590 cubic meters per second.

“Hundreds of Oil” guarantee satellite telephones and transmit valuable hydrological data

Yanyi Waterwing Station was completed in 1951 and is a national key hydrological station. Wu Yantu, deputy director of the Beijing Hydrological Terminus, introduced that the Yantian Wing Hydrological Station is the most important control station of the Yongding River Gorge. It is also the first hydrological station in the downstream of the government hall reservoir. Its hydrological monitoring data plays a very important role in flood control scheduling. “The scheduling of the three stores and the Lugou Bridge gate mainly depends on the data of the geei -winged hydrological station, so the data of this station provides an important basis for the flood scheduling.” It is important.

However, the flood not only brought great difficulties to the measuring flow, but also destroyed the power equipment. The power outage of the Yantian Town where the Yanting Wing Shuiwen Station was located, and once lost contact with the outside world. How to pass data is the most tricky issue facing Lian Yuzhu.

“We have a satellite phone, but the satellite phone needs to have the cooperation of the generator, and the generator needs to use oil to use it.” Lian Yuzhu said that according to the regulations, the hydrological station can only store gasoline. Emergency usage. One day after the power off net on July 31, the hydrological station used emergency gasoline to generate electricity and transmitted hydroponic data through the satellite telephone.

On August 1, the four staff members of the Hydrological Station were scattered to the village and borrowed gasoline from the fellow. Lian Yuzhu said: “The folks heard that we want to use satellite telephones to send data. They are particularly enthusiastic and can provide oil.” In this way, Hydrological Station borrowed more than a hundred liters of “hundreds of oil” from the fellow. Emergency use, reported a group of valuable hydrological data.

However, although there is “a hundred oil”, even Yuzhu also uses it carefully. “We don’t know when to call, so these oils are the hope of reporting data. When we use satellite calls, we are as short as possible. Submit the most detailed data in the shortest time. “However, there was still a small accident when I reported the data.

“I was responsible for generating electricity with a generator downstairs that time. My colleague Tang Lei used a satellite telephone to report data upstairs. The generator has been generated for five minutes. . “Lian Yuzhu made two steps in three steps and rushed upstairs to understand the situation. At this time, Tang Lei had dialed many satellite calls many times. Without a dial, he was so anxious that he was sweating. Lian Yuzhu was anxious. He quickly called the phone and dial again. This time, the phone was finally dialed. At the moment when the data was transmitted, the hearts of Lian Yuzhu and Tang Lei were put down.

Tang Lei, an assistant engineer of Yanfu Wing Hydrological Station, is developing

In the days of internet disconnection, hydrological station uses this satellite phone to keep the frequency of reporting the data once a hour. . “Lian Yuzhu said.

Talking about the rational suggestion of improving data submission efficiency in the future, Wu Yifei also talked about the important role of satellite telephones. He also said that the geei -winged water text station is equipped with a satellite transceiver that can enhance the satellite telephone signal. It is thicker and the satellite phone may not be used smoothly. But if there is a signal receiving device, you can avoid this, so that the satellite phone can still be used normally even if the weather is not ideal. “

Source: Beijing News

Author: Wu Tingting Photography: Wang Ying