As the Sea of Gonghai, why does it dare not pass through the sea? If you want you, you dare not go!

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On the global stage, Russia is often blamed by the international community and is accused of not observing international rules. However, before reviewing the facts, do we really understand the real situation of Ehhek Sea? The sea area of Ehiechk, located in the east of Russia, borders many countries, but few of them are really involved. Is this Russia’s international rules that ignore the international rules of Russia and turn the Sea Ejek Sea to its private territory, or is it not as simple as a superficial? Let us explore in -depth and understand the problem.

The vastness of Ehiechk Sea is amazing. The north and south are 2460 kilometers, the width of the east to width is about 1480 kilometers, and the total area reaches 1.583 million square kilometers. However, this vast sea area is characterized by the shallow waters near the Russian side, while the southern waters are more far -reaching, with an average depth of 821 meters and a depth of 3521 meters deepest. Although the Sea of Ehiech is surrounded by Russia on three sides, it does not conform to the definition of the International Oceanic Law. So why can’t we regard it as the inner sea of Russia?

However, the Ehiecker Sea obviously cannot meet the above conditions. Despite being surrounded by Russia, it still belongs to Japan on the side of Hokkaido, Japan. In addition, the distance between the Ehiechk Sea and the Kochi Strait and the Thousand Islands exceeds 24 nautical miles. From the perspective of which perspective, the Sea of Okhirk cannot be regarded as the Inland Sea of Russia, but can only be classified as the edge of the northwestern Pacific.

So, why is Ehiechki become a ban on sailing? Is it really because Russia ignores international rules?

Secondly, the geographical location and geological conditions of the Ehiechk Sea itself are the problem of sailing. The Ehieci Seik Sea, located between 45 degrees north and 61 degrees north latitude, has a very low temperature and is not suitable for humans. From November from November to May of the following year, the entire Sea of Ohjeke will almost freeze, especially for the seas near the sea in Russia for 7 months. Even in areas near the Pacific Ocean, the frozen period is up to 3 months. Under such severe cold conditions, only a few hard boats

In the end, the Sea of Ehiecker is not part of the world’s main channel. The area is scarce in this area, and the main navigation routes are concentrated in other places, such as the Suez Canal, the Panama Canal, the Turkish Strait and the Malacca Strait. Most of the global trading and energy transactions are performed through these main roads. Several countries around the Sea of Ehiechri, such as Russia, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, etc., are relatively far away, and their political relations are not stable. Therefore, it is not surprising that the lack of major channels in this area with harsh geographical environment and complex political relations.

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