Notice! This habit is dangerous!

Many people will swipe their mobile phones before going to bed
If you are tired, put it directly on the bedside and charge
But do you know?
The phone also has a temper
Charging is also particular about
If there is no correct operation when charging
Easy to cause safety accidents
August 6, 2023
WuhanSouthern District, Jinyin Lake New Village, West Lake District
A fire occurred in a household
After receiving the alarm
Fire rescue workers rushed to the scene to deal with it immediately

After arriving at the scene, I found out
The 3rd floor of the building is the 3rd floor of the building (4th floor of the total floor)
After understanding the situation
Fire rescue workers immediately released two water guns for disposal
After more than ten minutes of nervousness
Minghuo was extinguished
After the disposal is completed
Fire rescue workers carefully check the accident scene of the accident
Examine after checking no danger
This fire
No person to be trapped
No casualties

According to Ms. Wang, Ms. Wang recalled:

On the day of the incident, she was taking a nap. When she got up to go to the toilet and picked up her mobile phone, she pulled out the mobile phone charger on the bedside and threw it on the bed. At that time, the door was closed, and the children in the family smelled the smell of fire first. Then she opened the door and found that half the bed was burning. Seeing that the fire was getting bigger and bigger. The alarm call for help.

In recent years
Due to improper mobile phone charging
Fire accidents caused by fire occurred frequently


Case number one

On June 22, a resident of a resident in Zhanggong District, Ganzhou City suddenly fired, and a large number of thick smoke emerged from the window. Fire rescue workers quickly launched the fire after arriving. After 15 minutes, the fire was extinguished. Fortunately, no casualties were caused. According to the head of the household, the mobile phone was charging at the time, and unexpectedly, the fire suddenly ignited the sofa and caused the fire.


Case 2

In April 2022, in Yangzhou, Jiangsu, a child was charging mobile phones while charging at home, and the power socket suddenly “Zizi” sounded a spark, which caused the surrounding debris and caused a fire to burns the family.

in life

The mobile phone gradually becomes a “friend” that everyone is intimate
Many friends can say that the opportunity will not leave
When using a mobile phone
Pay attention to fire safety
The correct way to use mobile phones
Come and learn!

Part of the material source: Hubei Fire