The latest weather forecast on the 10th: a new round of cold air rainfall is coming, heavy rain and rain distributed in the following areas

Guide:Today is August 10th. A new round of cold air and heavy rainfall are coming. Heavy rain and heavy rain are mainly distributed in the following areas. What is the weather forecast today?

Recently, the Siberian cold current has gathered and formed, and moved to the northwest of our country! In particular, the west wind groove in the north has also come to our country. In addition, the joint effects of subtropical high pressure have formed a large -scale effective rainfall today in my country!

The focus of the weather today, this problem is the influence of Typhoon No. 6 “Kanu”!

At present, “Kanu” is 180 kilometers south of the Korean Peninsula. At a speed of 20 to 25 kilometers per hour, it moves south of the Korean Peninsula. The center’s maximum wind power has reached the standard of the super typhoon. Intersection

PredictFrom the morning of August 11th to noon, landed in the east of Heilongjiang in the Jilin River in Northeast my country.It will cause huge rainfall in the northeast of my country! The state also issued a heavy rain blue warning in a timely manner, and some cities such as Heilongjiang Shangzhi issued a notice of stopping work and suspension of production and suspension of production to meet the adverse effects brought by typhoons!

But today’s Typhoon “Kanu” ring has affected the rainfall in the northeast of my country.It is mainly formed by the rainfall of heavy rain in the central and eastern part of Heilongjiang, eastern Jilin, and northeast LiaoningThere are still heavy rains in some areas, and precipitation exceeds 120 mm!

Affected by the western wind grooves, tropical high air pressure, and southwest monsoon, there are also a large -scale rainfall process in other parts of my country!

Today to night to night,It is expected that eastern Heilongjiang, eastern Jilin, eastern Qinghai, eastern Gansu, Ningxia, northern Shaanxi, Henghe area in Inner Mongolia, southern and southern Sichuan Basin, southern Hunan, southern Jiangxi, eastern Fujian and south, south of Guangdong, southeast of Yunnan, and Taiwan Island Some areas in the central and southern regions are as large as heavy rain. Among them, there are heavy rainstorms (100-120 mm) in local areas in northeast Jilin.

The above -mentioned areas are accompanied by short -term and heavy precipitation (the maximum hourly rainfall is 20-50 mm, and the local area can exceed 60 mm).

The focus is affected by the Western wind grooves, which makes it strong rainfall in the eastern part of the northwest of our country. This is a very good weather situation. At least it is autumn. It takes a timely rain to facilitate the results of the autumn after crops! For the southeast coastal areas, there are more rain in the near future, so we must take a good job in urban and rural waterlogging and field waterlogging disaster prevention measures!

In the next three days, affected by the typhoon “Kanu” and its residual circulation, there will be heavy rain in some areas in the eastern part of Jilin, Heilongjiang and other places, and heavy rain in the area; affected by the western wind grooves, the east, North China, Huanghuai and Inner Mongolia in the Northwest China There was a small process from the west to east to the weather in the middle of the rain, the heavy rain, or heavy rain. In addition, there are still heavy rain and heavy rain in southern Jiangnan, South China, Yunnan, Sichuan and other places!