The most “weird” sheep in the death method: A pair of spiral big horns, was slowly poked by his own corner?

The horns of the sheep are normal. Is that sheep poked by her own horns?

Pan sheep grow a very powerful curved sheep. As they grow older, their horns are growing and bigger.Either poke into his head towards his head, or wait until he is old, dragged down by this big horns, and finally can’t stand up and starve to death!

Now that you will kill yourself, what is the use of the corner of the sheep? The death method is so “stupid”, they have not been extinct yet?

Do you know how animals are matched?

How many animals are there to wear beasts at the bottom?

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>> 盘羊是什么动物? <<

Ban sheep is a mammalian of Niuke-Panpadi. The male and female sheep are large in appearance.

The height of the male sheep can reach 120 cm, and the weight can reach 200kg.The sum of the weight of the two adult men is a bit more important.

Male and female sheep

The horns of the male pink sheep are very thick, and the downward twist is spiral.If the front end of the corner is crooked to your head, it will be extremely risky to pierce your own.

The horns of female plate sheep are relatively short, and the degree of bending is not large. The horns are simple, like a sickle, but the horns of female plate sheep are relatively large compared to other sheep.

The male sheep that was poked by his own corner was found in the wild

>> 山地上的守望者 <<

Panyang usually lives on the plateau mountains. They often live in the open or semi -open mountains, and the undulating hills. The altitude of the location is generally more than 1500 meters.

Pan sheep in the Cocoic Sili reached more than 5,000 meters above sea level.In the Coco Siri, Panyang lives in high -cold grasslands, deserts, meadows and other areas. Summer activities are on the lower edge of the snow line. When there are a lot of snow covered in winter, they will migrate to live in low altitude valleys.

Although Panyang’s legs are long and thin, their motion ability is not very strong.When they are chased by natural enemies, they rarely choose to run on the hillside, because their hill climbing ability is weaker than other types of sheep.

Therefore, the smart plates have adopted strategies to protect themselves.When they rest or look for food, they choose an adult sheep standing at a high place to put a whistle, like a watchman on a mountain.

When the danger is coming, it finds abnormalities in time, and then sends a dangerous signal to the group. The sheep can run away immediately, they can flexibly run and jump on the cliffs.

Staring at the camera is the whistle sheep

In addition to their strategies to avoid danger, the sheep is actually a very high -alarm animal.Both hearing, vision, or smell are very sharpEssence If the environment is slightly abnormal, they will immediately discover and escape quickly.

>> 山地上的守望者 <<

Pan sheep generally estrus in the end of autumn and early winter and start mating, with a pregnancy period of about 150 days.

They are small groups of living animals, usually 3-5 or 10 are a group. Usually, male and female sheeps live in a group.But as soon as the breeding season, a male sheep live together with a few female sheep sheep, so as to get multiple cubs.When the breeding is over, they will immediately separate.

Altai Panyang

Even so, the fighting sheep is still inevitable, and the weapon is the big horns on the head.

During the estrus of Pan Sheep, the female Panyang sheep will attract more than two male sheep sheep, and then the male Pan sheep will make a duel. They make their all their strengths to win, thereby gaining the spouse.

They will become very irritable. The two males are relatively stood up, and then they collide hard and make a very loud voice. They can hear very clearly in the distance.

Research has shown that,They rush over at a speed of nearly 60 kilometers when they collide. This method of struggle will not only hurt each other, it is very likely that they will hurt themselves and hit themselves.

But all of this is not worth mentioning in their eyes, they will always fight until they will win or lose.

In the population,Female Pan Sheep also wants the winner to reproduce the offspring with herBeing able to win love means that its physical fitness is good and excellent attack skills. Female sheep also wants to make her offspring so brave, so they are very happy to accept the winning sheep.

So is there no chance to mate with the failed male sheep? This is not the case.The male Pan sheep failed to duel in this herd. It can also choose other flocks and the male Pan sheep duel again. It is not until the spouse, and the struggle will end.

Compared to resisting foreign enemies, the biggest role of the corner of the sheep is to win a spouse for himself.

>> 天生就那么大的角? <<

There is such a rumor about Panyang,It is said that when the male Pan sheep is born, the pair of sharp and sharp horns will pierce the mother’s belly.

In fact,The corner of the head after birth after birth has gradually begun to germinateTherefore, it is nonsense to cut the female’s belly to break the belly of the sheep.

This is the European sheep family

The horn is a very important part of the skeleton of the sheep, andThe survival rate of Panyang cub is very high.

One of the reasons is,The estrus period of female plate sheep is generally in winter. This time can exactly the cubs in the spring and summer.It is conducive to the sheep cubs to better adapt to the temperature of the environment and have sufficient food.

Minor and adult male

The sheep cub can live normally in a short time after giving birth. After the hair of the cubs gets dry, they can stand up, and in a few days, they can follow the male and her sheep to go out for food.

>> 会被角戳死都没灭绝 <<

The males who won in the battle for the right to match are generally very strong and rough.Therefore, their genes are easier to pass. Under the effect of biological evolution and individual choices, the gradual evolution of male sheep has gradually evolved.

During the growth process of Panyang, the horns are growing more and more, which has led to their head burden gradually increasing.It brought great inconvenience to their bowing and eating and other life activities, and was even dragged down to death.

Old age sheep, the horns are too heavy to stand up

Under normal circumstances, the horns of Panyang will not poke themselves. Although their horns are spiral -shaped,However, most of them are bent outward, and only a small part of the corner of the sheep is bent inward.

Zoologists found that the horns of some sheep had been poked deeply on their faces. This is definitely not the result of one or two days, and I don’t know how long it has been tortured by her own corner.

However, some corners will be curved inwardly, and they will not die for a long time after mating, so this gene will continue to pass to the next generation. Their such a strange “suicide” method has been passed down.

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