Shandong: Typhoon really ran off again! Almost landed in Shandong! Dagged to heavy rain

The morning light of the summer is sprinkled in the land of Shandong. We look at the natural feast that is brewing in the sky. At 9 am on August 10, the typhoon “Kanu” landed in South Korea, like a traveler who suddenly turned towards Shandong. The bow -like path means that the waves of storms will be staged by us. We may be the audience, but we are more active participants.

Typhoon “Kanu” danced lightly from the western coast of South Korea, but at the last moment, Shandong chose Shandong as its end point. This may be the wonder of nature, so that we feel the pulse of life in front of unknown.

Tomorrow, 8

On the 11th of the month, Shandong may enjoy sunny, which is a precious gasp. The blue sky and warm sunlight seem to be the encouragement from the heavens, let us prepare to meet the next challenge. However, the wind still whistled in the coastal area and cannot be underestimated.

Over time, August 12th will be a raining moment. The power of typhoons is released in Shandong. The northern region will be the most affected by it, to heavy rain, and even local heavy rain, and will be performed on this land. In the northern part of Weifang, the rain is picturesque and affectionate, and Dongying, Binzhou, Yantai, and Qingdao will show toughness in the rain curtain. Weihai, Rizhao, Texas, Jinan, Zibo, the rhythm of rain will be beating. Only the Heze area seems to have been loved by nature.

On the day of the day, on the 13th, the rainwater converged, leaving a soft light rain, as if it was the end of this natural symphony. However, the route of Typhoon is still swaying, and we need to be vigilant and always prepare.

The wind and clouds are changing, and the typhoon follows the shadow. We stand on the stage of nature and shoulders the mission of guardianship. The call from the coastline to the land of Shandong is a magnificent natural performance. The baptism of wind and rain is the testimony of our tenacity and part of the melody. Regardless of wind and rain or clear sky, the sky in Shandong carries our hope and continues our persistence.

At this special moment, we are not only bystanders, but also creators. In this vivid weather story, we write the future together. Let the strange sparks flash in everyone’s hearts, and let attention and resonance pass on this tweet.

May the baptism of wind and rain cast the tough soul of Shandong people, and hope that the clear sky will continue and soothe our hearts. Let us hold hope and welcome every challenge in the future.