The Office of the Flood Control and Drought Resistance Headquarters of Jilin Province issued an emergency notification deployment to do a good job of Ca Nu Typhoon Prevention and Coperly

  According to the forecast of the meteorological department, affected by Typhoon No. 6 to the north and high -altitude grooves, it is expected that from the early morning of August 10th to 12th, there will be an obvious rainfall process in the eastern and southern parts of our province. A few days ago, the Jilin Provincial People’s Government’s Flood Control Command Office issued an urgent notice to deploy a typhoon prevention and response work.

  The notice pointed out that it is necessary to ensure the safety of the people’s lives and property as the first priority, the first goal, and the first principle, and to conduct timely investigations on the key weak links in the influence of the typhoon. Once extreme situations occur, relevant departments should issue early warning information to ensure that the warning is to the household. It is necessary to further implement the responsibility, the transfer route, and the placement location. It is necessary to highlight the defense of key parts. Once the disaster situation and extreme rainfall occur, the emergency plan is started in a timely manner. It is necessary to strengthen the management of cross -water road surfaces, Linshui Linya section, and send police forces for 24 hours; Changbai Mountain and other scenic spots should strengthen prevention forces, and temporary closure measures should be taken if necessary.

  The notice emphasizes that it is necessary to highlight the defense of small and medium reservoirs, strengthen the supervision of reservoir scheduling and use, and prepare emergency rescue materials. It is necessary to implement the backup power supply by library to ensure the normal use of facilities. During the heavy rainfall, the person in charge of the reservoir inspection should be inspected in the dam and found that the danger was reported in a timely manner. It is necessary to highlight the defense of small and medium rivers, closely monitor the rain love, organize personnel to further investigate, eliminate various types of water -resistant obstacles in the Honghe Channel in advance, and ensure that the riverside flooding is smooth. Urban defense fingers and relevant departments at all levels should immediately organize membership team forces in advance to do a good job of preparations for low -lying waterlogging and waterlogging points. The “five suspension” measures should be adopted in an orderly manner to do a good job of evacuation and resettlement of the deserved personnel to ensure that the suspension measures are implemented in place.

  The notice requires that all localities should make preparations for wind disasters in advance, and issue early warning prompt information in a timely manner. To do a good job of disaster resistance, agricultural and rural departments must organize working groups to guide at the grassroots level to minimize disaster losses. To highlight the front of the rescue team, all the cadres and troops, armed police, fire protection, forest defense, foundation militia, various rescue and rescue and other personnel teams who are fighting on the front line are to speed up the rescue and drainage. It’s preparation for typhoon. Highlight the front of rescue materials. Regarding localities, we must do a good job in the overall and allocated work of domestic rescue and rescue resources in advance, especially the rivers’ embankment and reservoir’s rescue materials and materials should be in place. It is necessary to highlight the front of emergency communication, and the localities must mobilize all wired wireless communication facilities in the domain, the front of the equipment to the front line of rescue and the riverside, grooves, downstream of the reservoir, and other villages to ensure that the communication is smooth.

  The notice requires that the main leaders of party and government at all levels must resolutely carry the responsibilities of the land of the land, strengthen the responsibilities, and take forward commands and urge the implementation. Responsible persons at all levels should immediately go to work and implement various defense measures. The anti -finger at all levels must play a comprehensive overall role, unified command and unified action. The defense offices at all levels should strengthen the emergency duty work during the transit of typhoon, and submit defense information in a timely manner in accordance with the requirements of the system.

Source: Jilin Emergency Management