How dirty is Bangladesh, which makes India’s Gan worship? Women urinate anywhere, and there are garbage everywhere

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Text: Geographical Triangle

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When mentioning India, what do you think of the first time? Dirty streets? The huge population? It is still a scene of garbage and cow dung. I believe that when it comes to India, it will never be related to the word “clean”.

But do you know? In Asia, there is a country dirty and chaotic than India. Not only is the garbage accumulated like mountains, and even women are urination anywhere.

So who is this country? Where is it?

1. There are many peopleBangladesh

This is the dirty country that makes India a sanctuary.“Bangladesh People’s Republic”Essence Bangladesh, located on the South Asian continent. To be precise, it should be in the northeast of the South Asian subcontinent.“Ganges” and “Brahmapra River”On the trigaed triangle.

The east, west, and north are connected to India. The south is on the verge of Bangladesh. It has sufficient coastline and is more convenient to ship. The total area of the entire country is about 148,000 square kilometers. The capital is Daka.

Because it is on the Delta formed by rivers, the terrain of Bangladesh is very flat. 85%of the country’s land is plain, with an area of about 120,000 square kilometers.

The remaining 15%of the land area is mainly based on hills. There are no too steep terrain. The highest altitude at the highest point is only about 1200 meters. Therefore, from the terrain, the conditions of Bangladesh are superior.

In addition to the good terrain conditions, the water resources in Bangladesh are also rich. Because Bangladesh is at the entrance of the Ganges, there are many rivers and lakes in Bangladesh. There are more than 230 rivers, 50-600,000 lakes, average. Every square kilometer, about 4 lakes.

If these rivers and lakes are added up, about 10%of the total area of Bangladesh will be seen, which shows that the richness of water resources in Bangladesh.

Therefore, Bangladesh is also known as the “Hometown of Shuizawa” and “the country of river pond”, and is one of the most dense countries in the world.

Therefore, in terms of land conditions, Bangladesh is undoubtedly darling in heaven. It not only has sufficient water sources, but also has a vast plain, and the soil is also very fertile, surpassing more than 90%of countries around the world.

However, it is precisely because the land conditions are too good that Bangladesh has a lot of population. There are about 160 million people. The population density reaches 1080 people per square kilometer. One of the countries with the largest density.

Second, poor Bangladesh

According to common sense, Bangladesh, which has long coastlines, plain land, abundant water resources, and sufficient labor, should be easy to develop economy, but in fact, Bangladesh’s economy is poor.

In the 16th century, Bangladesh had indeed become the richest country in South Asia because of its fertile land, huge population, and convenient transportation. The national strength, economy, and culture were all South Asia.

But unfortunately, in the 18th century, after the Western powers invaded South Asia, all this became a dream.

Since the middle of the 18th century, Bangladesh has become the center of British colonial India, and the entire Bangladesh’s resources have been excavated and miniative by Britain.

And it was devastating mining, which did not leave a little to Bangladesh, and the money it received was taken away by the United Kingdom. It was not left to Bangladesh, which led to the gradually surpassing the economy of Bangladesh by other countries.

By the 19th century, because Britain occupied India and had a better development area, it directly abandoned Bangladesh and relocated British colonial centers to the Indian region, and Bangladesh became a province.

Without the help of Britain for development, Bangladesh, which had been colonized for many years, fell into a slump, the economy began to lag behind India, and the development of the entire country gradually stagnated.

In the last century, when Britain abandoned colonial India and formulated the “Monbarton Plan”, it did not consider Bangladesh, but it was named Bangladesh to Pakistan and named it “Dongba”.

For many years, Bangladesh has not only beware of India’s ravioli, but also controlled in Pakistan’s management. Its economic development is naturally slow.

In addition, there are many contradictions between Bangladesh and Pakistan, and political conflicts have broke out many times. In 1972, they were formally split with Pakistan, which made Bangladesh’s economy slowly developing economically without energy to develop economy.

As a result, the Bangladesh’s economic globalization was decades, and it was directly behind and couldn’t get up anymore, which caused the economic downturn.

According to data, the regional GDP in Bangladesh today is only about 300 billion US dollars, and the per capita GDP is only about 1,800 US dollars. It is one of the most developed countries in the world.

The economy of the entire country is also dominated by agriculture, industrial development is slow, urbanization is slow, and it is far from exerting the advantages of national land.

Third, the messy Bangladesh

At the same time, because of the poor economy, the health habits of the entire country are very bad, and even India is also willing to make a disadvantage. Among them, the accumulation of garbage and personal hygiene are the most prominent.

According to data, due to the underdeveloped economy and too many people, Most of Bangladesh’s cities are crowded, and residents’ living conditions are worrying. The places where many residents of cities are living are not only crowded, but also dirty, and domestic waste can be seen everywhere.

In addition, the garbage classification work in some cities is not in place with garbage cleaning. Many cities have no trash bins or garbage recycling stations at all.

The domestic garbage produced by the people’s lives and some common plastic bags and bottles can be seen everywhere on the urban streets. They are often piled up like a small mountain, placed on the streets, exuding a pungent odor.

Even at the point of rotten, no relevant personnel will come to clean up, which makes the whole city seem to be based on garbage stations, without a modern cities.

And because of the many rivers, most of the people will discard garbage from these rivers, which will cause the entire river to be covered with various types of garbage, making the original clear river become a stinky water full of dirty water. ditch.

In addition to garbage accumulation, many Banglades do not pay attention to personal hygiene.

In the past, a foreign media had reported that a Bangladesh woman, regardless of the eyes of outsiders, was in a small and small urine on the street, while passers -by turned a blind eye, as if they were commonplace.

Although media reports must have an exaggerated side, because of the special culture, the Bangladesh population is too large and the infrastructure is not perfect, there are indeed many women. Personal hygiene.

And it is not an example. The reason is that except that Bangladesh has no complete infrastructure, it is also related to the relatively rough living habits of Banglades.

Because of poverty, many Banglades do not develop the habit of loving and hygiene, nor related to hygiene knowledge. Compared with the pursuit of the so -called living environment and quality, they are more pursuing “living”, so they do not love them very much. health.