The asphalt dripping experiment has been almost 100 years old. The two professors are boiled. It is expected that the next drop will be in 2027

Science and technology are primary productive forces.

We are in the 21st century of the rapid development of science and technology, and everyone is deeply promoted and helped by various technological forces in daily life.

Starting from daily getting alarm clock, it is already a voice dialogue mode; usually miss relatives, as long as you send videos to see each other; some machines at home and many outside equipment are operating in intelligent models, which presents amazing magic. The power of technology.

While we are amazed by the development of science and technology, have we thought about what brutal tests have scientists who have contributed to the development of science and technology?

There is the longest experiment on asphalt in history. The meticulous attitude towards the experiment has shown the unlimited charm of scientists.

01 asphalt dripping experiment

We have seen the scene that water droplets dripped from the faucet countless times, and perhaps it may always be bland.

Because we understand that water is liquid, this is the truth that we have understood since childhood, so how long is dripping from the faucet that is not worthy of our in -depth research.

But some things in life are not as clear and distinguished as the state of water, such as asphalt. The state we saw in the naked eye is solid, and in fact, its state is controversial.

In order to resolve this controversy, a professor named Thomas is also to make his students understand that the state of asphalt is not the state of the naked eye, so it has opened an experiment for asphalt dripping for several years.

Since 1927, Professor Thomas put asphalt into a closed funnel.

Three years later, he cut the tomber seal and let the asphalt began to flow down. His experiments have proved that asphalt can drip a drop of about ten years.

In 1944, some scientists in a college conducted similar experiments, and they also used some high -speed cameras to capture the drip process.

Finally, 69 years later, the latest drop of drop was dripped at 5 pm on July 11, 2013. This is also the first time in history to record a wonderful scene of a drop of asphalt dripping.

The asphalt dripping experiment has been dripping nine drops, and the dripping drop of ten years is leaking, and a century is about to pass.

The scientists participating in the experiment from the beginning have passed away, and the asphalt dripping experiment continues. It is said that the next drop is in 2027.

02 The rigor of scientists

Some people think that people have a few decades in their lives. Why pay a lot of time on a drop experiment?

It is not easy for us ordinary people to understand this. However, for scientists, the state of any humble material is worthy of attention and investment.

Behind any scientific results is driven by a curiosity.

Since Professor Thomas initiated asphalt state, he foreshadows to enter a great experiment.

In this experiment, he guided students to explore the unknown, lead by example, and explore unknown things for many years.

Truth is only in the hands of a few people. From the beginning to the present, many people still don’t understand or even accept it.

But are scientists’ attitudes towards material research, aren’t they all the rigorous styles of science in the final formation of many years of research?

In our minds, scientists who conduct a large number of research in the laboratory every day in the laboratory have conducted some very mysterious experiments every time. For the seemingly simple material types, they will not consume a lot of effort at all.

Perhaps we think wrong. For scientific research, scientists may involve any small substances.

Some small substances may be impossible for us non -professionals, because we do not understand its status at all. It will have any beneficial value or special disadvantages.

Its unexpected value and the disadvantages that have not been displayed may bring unexpected changes to people’s lives. These changes may be unexpected by humans.

However, when scientists have a rigorous attitude and adopt a meticulous attitude towards any assumptions, they will experiment many times to concentrate on knowledge, so they will find many places we cannot touch.

Just like the asphalt dripping experiment by Professor Thomas, let us see a state that is not as seeing the naked eye. In some cases, it also has a liquid state.

This is the phenomenon that we never noticed before this experiment.

03 The role of asphalt

Why the asphalt dripping experiment is so sensational that the scientific research community has even been deeply touched.The first is the extensive use of asphalt. Asphalt has good adhesion, insulation, insulation and moisture -proof, waterproof, anticorrosive and rust -proof.

The most common use of asphalt is the ground. Whenever the summer is cool and unbearable, we will smell the taste of asphalt on the road. Because of the asphalt on the road, the road is smooth and dry, and the pedestrians walk on it.

There are also asphalt to make the insulation layer when constructing a refrigerator to promote fresh -keeping goods at all times.

The railway and underground pipeline reservoir dams are coated with asphalt, so that moisture -proof and leakage can be well guaranteed to ensure the safety of people’s daily life.

The asphalt function is powerful, and its state naturally attracts the attention of scientists.

Through this asphalt dripping experiment, we finally understand that asphalt is actually a liquid with better adhesion.

Therefore, in the process of storage or handling, we will pay attention to reasonable arrangements that are suitable for its material state according to its state.


The asphalt leakage experiment allows more scientists and more ordinary people to enter scientific research once, so that people understand that scientific research requires many experiments and waiting.

Perhaps the experiment only needs to ask questions, prepare tools, and perform experiments.

However, the process of experiments is a very long waiting process, and even when we are old in our years, we have not obtained a clear truth.

Perhaps insisting on experiments is the process of bravery of science, just like our lives, the process in the middle of life and death is what we should pursue and enjoy.

Maybe many of us are fortunate to see the next drop of asphalt, maybe some people are not at all at that time.

In fact, it doesn’t matter, because scientific research itself is a matter of arbitrary and long -term. For more and more people in the professional field, they will bring us more shocking pictures.

We only need to respect science, awe of the future, and thinking about life. Many wonderful materials will come to our lives because of our curiosity and curiosity.

Let us be full of new joy for life, new amazing!