RMB is only called “RMB” in China, and it has changed the name to go abroad? This is really advanced.

As a Chinese national currency, the RMB is naturally called “RMB” in China, but once it goes out of the country, its name has begun to change. Different countries and regions have different names, which confuses many people. Here are some common international names of RMB.

First of all, we came to Hong Kong, where the relationship between China is the most. Here, RMB is called “RMB” or “RMB” for short, which is very similar to domestic usage.

Next, we came to Japan. In this Asian country near China, RMB is usually called “People’s Yuan” or “Yuan”.

Going south, we came to Australia. Here, the renminbi is called “Yuan”, that is, the name of the currency unit directly.

In the United States, there is a unique name called “CNY”. This name comes from the name of the RMB 4217 in the ISO 4217 of the RMB. Among them, “C” means China, and “NY” is the abbreviation of “Currency”.

In addition, the names of the RMB, such as Canada, New Zealand, Europe, and other places. For those who are traveling for many years or overseas study abroad, these names may have been commonplace, but for those who are in contact for the first time, they still need to know and familiar with them.

In general, it is not surprising that RMB has multiple names internationally, which also reflects the trend of close connection between China and the world. For us, we must not only be familiar with the name of our currency, but also learn to respect and understand the different calls of other countries and regions for the renminbi.