Is it a leopard? When it meets a flower leopard, the fake leopard really can’t beat the real leopard?

The cat family is the most perfect hunter in nature, But who is the king of cats? For example, the lion and the tiger have never stopped,Who will be better when you meet the two leopards and cheetahs when they meet?

Recently, a photographer likes to shoot wild animals, took pictures on the African prairieA predating cheetah entered the territory of the leopard, and then a rare chaopon struggle occurred.

Cheetah is the fastest -running animal on land. In contrast, the leopard is only known as the “leopard”.Whose two of them are stronger?

花 Cheetah entered the flower leopard territory by mistake, strong confrontation

Capture a picture of the shooting pictureCheetah looking for food, It takes a light pace to shuttle in the yellow grassland. The yellow brown and mottled patterns of the body are almost integrated with the earth. If you don’t observe it carefully, it is difficult to find it.

However, at this time, the cheetah was hungry, and it was impossible to lying in the grass to disguise himself. It quickly captured the camera as soon as it walked and entered the picture.

It is in a hurry to shuttle in the grassland,Want to see if there are any prey nearby to make it full

Cheetah is locatedAfrica TasaniaThe sparse grassland of the trees,It belongs to tropical regions, not only high temperatures all year round, but also poor water.

At this time, when the hottest grassland was the hottest, the hot sun baked the land anxious, and the large grass became yellow.

Cheetah’s habitat is unable to bear the high temperature and drought, and it becomes less and less. forBeing able to fill the stomach to survive on the grassland, it has to leave its own site, Go to find food elsewhere.

The cheetah was watching while walking, and unknowingly came out a long distance.However, Cheetah’s unknown danger is quietly coming because it has mistakenly entered the territory of the leopard.

This area is the “rivers and mountains” made by the leopard. When the cheetah enters the flower leopard has long perceived the invaders, and began to approach the invaders silently, and wanted to drive it out of its own site.

Cheetah also perceive the dangerous information, and the body can’t help but be tight.Soon, the war and the cheetah met the war began!

After a fierce fighting of the beasts in the two grasslands, the cheetah fell into the wind, and the fierce flower leopard launched the attack directly.After a while, I saw the cheetah lying on the ground, and I couldn’t move it.

Obviously, it is not the opponent of the leopard at all, losing its life.

The cheetah lying on the ground, I couldn’t even climb up,It seems that the entire back seems to be broken directlyEssence It can only be seen that its belly is slightly undulating on the ground, and the two hind legs are kicked a few times from time to time, struggling slightly.

Flower leopard stepped forward, directlyBite the cheetah’s neck and drag it away

When the photographer returns to see the situation on the second day, I find itCheetah has been broken by the boreInternal organs have been taken out of time!Cheetah is also a leopard. Why can’t the leopard be hit?

What is the difference between cheetah and leopard?

CheetahIt is also known as the Indian leopard and the only species of Cheetah. Although the name is a cheetah, it does not belong to the leopard subcorders under the family of the family. In fact, it cannot be regarded as a real leopard, let alone a “big cat” team.

Their back is light yellow, extending to the abdomen and turning white,There are black solid spots in the whole bodyThe end of the tail has a black rings, and there are longer hair on the back of the neck, which looks like a mane.

The head is very small,There is a unique “tears” at the moment, and I have always eyes to the corner of the mouthThe eyes look particularly innocent, and there is no sense of domineering beast on the grassland.

Cheetah’s torso is about 1-1.5 meters long, and it looks very slim. It usually does not exceed 50 kg.Although the name “Leopard” is in the name,The sound of the sound is indeed the sound of “meow”It sounds not only scary, but I feel a little cute.

Of course, cheetahs can naturally survive in weak meat and strong grasslands. They are naturally unique. They are the fastest -speed animals on land.The speed can be as high as 110 kilometers per hour, and it can reach 3 meters high, 8 meters away!

They are fast but there are defects. They can only run for 3 minutes at most of each acceleration.After more than 3 minutes, you have to slow down, otherwise it is easy to be too high in body temperature.Essence Usually catch prey in one minute, and usually they will be successful once.

becauseTheir paws cannot shrinkTherefore, it does not have the skills to climb treesIn the grasslands, try to catch antelope and rabbits such as an antelope, rabbit and other animals in the grassland, turning into food in their belly.

Their lives are very regular, and they will rest until the night of the day.

The usual cheetah is very alert. When they walk, they will stop from time to time to see if there are food or danger nearby.Even every 6 minutes after a lunch break will wake up to check the situation nearby

Cheetah’s teeth are also very short, and the prey is killed with teeth and sometimes can’t bite.They can only bite their prey necks on the upper and lower jaws to suffocate and die, Slowly enjoy.

Flower leopard and cheetah are different. It is a large carnivore on the grassland. It belongs to the leopard Ya family in the family of cats. It looks more like a tiger.

Although they are dressed in yellow hair with black spots, they are also dressed in yellow hair, but the spots on their bodies are hollow and not solid, and there are no tears on their faces. This is the biggest difference from the cheetah.

Of course, not all flower leopards are “flower coats”,In the tropical rain forest, there are also flower leopard blackization into a “black panther”At first glance, they could not see the “copper pattern” on them.

This is a rare hair color mutation, but it is more suitable for ambush hunting in the jungle.

It is 1-1.5 meters longSimilar to the leopard, but the body shape is crushed, it canIt weighs 50-100 kg, standing in front of the leopard is a proper “strong man”

Flowers are good at living and alone, and they usually prey at night, Stay on trees or caves during the day. Their activities are usually relatively fixed. After looking for good sites, they will not move easily. If food is scarce, they will walk dozens of kilometers to find new territories.

theirTerritory awareness is also particularly strongIf you find that your territory has an invaders, he will fight with him to protect his territory.

Unlike Cheetah, the distribution of flower leopards is more widely distributed. They not only appear in Africa, but also distributed in Asia. From Himalayan to Sahara can see the leopard.

Although the leopard occupies a large advantage in its body shape, the speed is far less than the cheetah.The speed is usually 70 kilometers per hourEssence But theyThe paws can be retracted and good at climbing trees

Any large cat family climbing tree is not their opponents. Even the monkeys and murder that break into it are dead.

Flowers are not like cheetahs to catch food by speed,They prefer to sneak attacks, Slowly approach the prey and rush to kill each other like lightning.

There are also many flower leopards like to stand on the tree and observe the movement nearby. They rely on the treesKeen smell, Keep the rabbit waiting for the prey to approach.

Of course, in addition to the ability to climb trees,The strength of the leopard is far better than the cheetahIf the two confrontation, the cheetah is a “little brother” under its hands, which is not worth mentioning at all.

They can betterLeap 6 meters high, 12 meters far away, Easily grabbing the birds on the tree, or jumping from one tree to another, the bouncing power is far better than the cheetah.

Their paws can not only climb the trees, but also have powerful power, as well asSharp nails, Can easily tear the fur of the prey with the claws, and eat the deliciousness inside. In addition, theyThe tooth is sharp and more powerful, which can quickly kill the dismissal of animals

After catching the prey, in order to avoid the grabbing of other meat animals, they usuallyDrag the prey on the tall branches, and slowly enjoy the consumption

If there is a duel between the cheetah and the leopard, there is no doubt that the cheetah will become the food in the mouth of the leopard, and it is easier to kill it.

There is a duel between the two,The probability of 90%will be that the leopard will win, and 10%is not that the cheetah can win the leopard, but it seize the opportunity to escape, and Sata escapes!

Why is it rare?

In reason, in the grasslandBattle between beasts and strong food and strong food is the normWhy do the duel of the leopard and the cheetah attract photography enthusiasts to shoot,And call it a rare battle?

This is because Hua Leopard likes to be in the night, and Cheetah likes to go into the daytime.The probability of meeting between the two is very rare, let alone fight against the occurrence

This leopard is indeed a little bit back. He wanted to find food but was stared at by the leopard on the tree. When the gangsters approached the cheetah, they started a sneak attack that caught the cheetah and couldn’t move quickly.

If the cheetah could find the figure of the leopard in time, running quickly may still save his life.

Unfortunately, this cheetah failed to escape and finally killed the hands of the leopard.Dragged by the leopard on the tree, and was eaten by a mouthful

As the king of speed, it will still be killed on the crisis’s prairie, not to mention other animals with “the power of no chickens”.The survival in nature is always so cruel. The weak meat and strong food winner survive, and if you pay attention to it, you may lose your life!

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