Why does the rooster be twitched? Seemingly simple problems, but it has been troubled by the scientific community for a long time! There is a conclusion today

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We live between heaven and earth, and there are some laws that affect our lives and confuse us. For example, the phenomenon of the rooster in the morning has aroused many people’s curiosity. Why did the rooster make? Why is the time when it comes to dawn? What does the rooster know that the sky is about to light up? Will the rooster be related to Rizhao Light?

To understand this mystery, Japanese scientists have done a series of experiments on roosters.

They suspected that the rooster rely on the light in the morning to judge the time, and then twitched. In order to verify this guess, they put a group of roosters in a cage, put the cage in darkness, and simulated the sun with lights, and controlled the light time by humans. The researchers set the time to turn on the lights to 12 o’clock every night, and set the light turnover time to 12 o’clock during the day.

In this way, in the eyes of the roosters in the cage, from 12 o’clock to 12 o’clock at night to 12 o’clock during the day, it is “daytime”, and at 12 o’clock at night to 12 o’clock the day the next day is the night. Such “daytime, night” is completely different from the normal day and night on the earth. So as to verify whether the rooster’s tweeting time is related to light.

At the beginning, the rooster’s twitching time has not changed, but with the experiment, the time of the roosters has gradually changed. They start at about 10 o’clock every day, that is, the first two hours of lighting starts.

This is completely different from the time they just entered the environment. Following the habits of the morning twitching in the environment, under the influence of Rizhao for a period of time, they completely forgot the habit of playing in the morning. Instead, they were affected by brightness and changed the time. This phenomenon deeply illustrates that their tweeting time is affected by light.

And this also explains why the rooster always twitches before dawn. That’s because the daily sunrise time is not much different. According to the light of the sunrise, the rooster judges the time of the twitching time, so before the sunrise, they will exercise their “responsibility”-start to make a sound! In ancient times, as soon as he heard the rooster’s cry, he knew that the sky was about to light up!

This also provides convenient support for the era of no clocks and clocks. Its tweeting reminds people without watch: get up soon!

The experiment has not ended here, and people have adjusted the light time and extended the “night”. At this time, the rooster’s twitching time had a deviation of about 12 minutes, indicating that the time of light had a profound impact on the law of the rooster.

The researchers continued to adjust the light, changing the laws of fixed time illumination every day, and became several times a day.

In the face of this change, the time of the rooster has also changed, and the deviations have begun to occur, but the deviation is not large, and it is always concentrated in the dawn. It shows that the rooster will also be adjusted according to the time when the light appears, so whenever winter and summer, even when the sunrise changes, the rooster can always basically grasp the time of fighting and shout people to “get up” without delaying people.

It can be seen that the rooster is indeed affected by light. The reason why cocks are sharing are inseparable from a hormone called “Pinean” in the body.

It turned out that the rooster contains “pineal gland” secrete melatonin. Only in the middle of the night, the melatonin will be secreted, and melatonin can make the rooster quickly fall into sleep. At this time, the rooster will not be twilted. However, when there is a slight light, the secretion of melatonin will be affected. Without melatonin means soberness after sleep, the rooster began to make a sound.

In addition, some people have found that the first chicken to make the rooster is often the highest among the rooster, so someone speculates that the rooster also shows his status by relying on beating?

This is indeed this. The order of roosters often means the status of roosters in this group. Under normal circumstances, the highest status of the rooster will first sing. The second rooster in the team is the second largest in the team. The last cock is actually the lowest chicken.

Perhaps it is because the task of “getting up to humans” is too arduous, so he can only be capable of capable chickens. The responsibility of chicken with this ability has also become the highest status.

Some people say that the rooster’s twitching is basically in the morning, does it mean that only in the morning will the chickens have a consciousness of fighting? In fact, this is not the case.

The rooster basically sounds every few hours. If you pay attention, you will find that when you eat, the rooster will always make a stunned manner. Perhaps it is preaching their status, or it may be reminding other chickens to “eat.” These names are always drowned in noisy environments, and few people notice.

And there is also an interesting phenomenon about the rooster: the rooster may faint because of the long time. I believe we have all watched such short videos: a red cock crown, standing in the morning of the morning, and kept crying. Because of the long -term tweet, it caused a hypoxic phenomenon in its head, so it fainted without ventilation.

Behind the interesting phenomenon, it seems that the “love” of the rooster’s “love” for his work. In the end, how strong the responsibility is, it will be fainted. “In this way, such an interesting scene happened!

And there is a very interesting legend about the rooster.

Legend has it that the rooster used to be a fairy in heaven, and he had 10 sons. The sons were round and strong, so the mother -in -law arranged their mission to pull the sun. The so -called La Sa is to pull the sun from the east to the west every day in the sky. So the people on the ground saw that the sun rose from the east and fell from the west.

This Tianwang’s mother -in -law invited the rooster to participate in the Peach Conference. This is not a lot of ways. In order to make the work of “La Taiyang” go well, the rooster explained 10 sons before leaving. Pull the sun from the east to the west, you can’t make mistakes, otherwise there will be a major event.

The 10 sons agreed to be good on the surface, but as soon as the father’s rooster left, they rebelled. The eldest son took the lead and said, “We pull the sun like this day after day, there is no meaning at all. It is better to think of a way and play with a fun.” “What fun” to ask the elder brother together. The elder brother saw everyone was so interested, so he said it in a hurry: “It’s better to do this, 10 of us, and at the same time, we took the sun and set off from the East to the West to see who pulled the fastest!”

Several sons have long been tired of pulling the tedious life of the sun. I heard that my elder brother said that he could still play like this, and he was very happy. Finally, I do n’t have to pull the sun alone, so I agreed with the eldest son, and several people took the sun at the same time. It doesn’t matter. One day in the sky, one day in the sky, they played for a day, and the people on the ground were suffered.

Because the 10 sun appeared in the sky at the same time, the fire was shot, and it was hot as a oven. The animals and plants on the world ushered in unprecedented tests. The farmers’ crops have also withered, and Xiaohe has dried up, and people are suffering.

At this time, the scene in front of him was seen by the Taibai Venus who came to visit, and his heart was very puzzled. Unexpectedly, he brought everything he saw to the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor heard that the world was already a purgatory, with heartache and anger. He ordered Erlang God to deal with the matter, and he must explain to himself and the people.

For the sake of insurance, Erlang came to the world to inspect the annoyance. Seeing the 10 sun in the sky, he immediately understood and immediately looked at it.

At this time, the sons of the sky played positively at this time, and when he saw Erlang God, he even wanted to pull him to join together. Of course, Erlang God refused and initiated his temper to them. The sons could not help but say that they were saying to Erlang God.

Erlang God had no square because of the rooster Daxian, and he raised the rooster Daxian into the world, and ordered that he would never be allowed to enter the heaven. Erlang God found Houyi again, holding the bow and arrow in the Taibai Venus gossip furnace, and shot 10 sons one by one. But when it came to the ninth, the youngest son hid to the East China Sea cleverly, and Houyi could not find it. After thinking about it, if the last one is gone, wouldn’t there be no light in the world?

Houyi reported this situation to Erlang God. Erlang also felt that he was right, so he called his younger son from the East China Sea and told him not to have such a situation in the future. In this way, the younger son survived. In order to atone for me, the younger son took the heavy responsibility of pulling the sun from the east to the west every day.

In order to make up for their sins, the rooster began to call the younger son to get up to pull the sun every day. But because the younger son was in the East China Sea, he could not easily hear his father’s summary, so he started pulling the sun after the rooster called it three times each time. After this time, people knew that the rooster would be called three times, and the sun would rise rising, and it was time to get up to work.

Regardless of whether it is legend or reality, we cannot deny that the rooster, as an important part of people’s biological clocks, is responsible for reminding people that “the sky is fast” and the heavy responsibility to get up.

This universe seems to have its own mission to the world. The mission of the rooster is to “get up”, and our mission is not to live up to the expectations of the rooster, welcome a beautiful day in a good state, and fully enjoy today’s sunshine!


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