“Nature Youth” Summer School continues to perform- “Geological Exploration” chapter

[Source: Jiangsu Provincial Department of Natural Resources_end Wen Broadcast]

On the day of the event, 25 “natural teenagers” wearing a unified cultural shirt and a bright red scarf, concentrated on the Nanjing Geological Museum. Inside the museum, under the leadership of professional interpreters, the children visited the dinosaur world exhibition hall, planet earth exhibition hall, life evolution exhibition hall and temporary exhibition hall one by one. The most popular is the “Dinosaur World”. The exhibition hall runs through the huge display space of 2-4 floors and simulates the mid-generation scene. “The children in front of them were interested, and they threw” 100,000 why “and pushed the climax of visiting and learning activities.

In this activity, the teenagers listened to the explanation, interactive experience, and observed physical specimens at close range, etc., and learned about the knowledge of mineral resources, environmental changes, geological and geological factories in a multi -form and multiple angle. The strong interest of natural science has deepened the understanding and pride of parents’ work. (Department Service Center)

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