27 rare biological photos: bats hit the cactus and stabbed to death. There was a face in the mouth of Malaysia.

The young bird of the Malaysia cuckoo opened his mouth, and there was a face in his mouth, a pair of obvious pairs of eyes!

The order system of this bat seems to be a problem. It hit the cactus with one end and was killed by the stabbing of the cactus.

A very beautiful knowledge, the color matching is very bright, and it is Tiffany color system.

It is actually a double -headed turtle, which is really incredible.

The goods were bitten by other fish, but they survived stubbornly, hoping that it could spend the rest in peace.

The Philippines warts are definitely the most beautiful among warts. Because the locals fell to the forest in order to obtain a cultivated land, this kind of warts were forced to find food in human farms, which caused the locals to anger and killed this kind of pigs, so 96%of the Philippine warts have been eliminated.

This is the giant frog that was eaten because of its delicious meat and hypertrophy in Africa. This giant frog is rare in the wild.

Before the crispy and delicious cashews were fried, it was like this. Note that the fruit is not a cashew fruit, and the lumbar fruit shape under the shape of the fruit is cashew fruit.

Two lizards came to hug in the middle of the road, without saying a long time.

You see these beetles, these cicadas have been eaten, but they are still alive, just like living zombies.

One head and neck are blue lizards, which are beautiful in color.

This beetle is red, the red is beautiful, and the creativity of nature is really endless.

Will you be surprised to see such a big nose? This is the long -nose monkey in mangroves.

The Komodo giant lizard is highly toxic, and follows the observation of the Gado lizard. It must be careful.

The snake is producing, it is viviparous, and the small snake stretched out on the spot.

Please compare, the left side is the tapeworm that has not been sucking, and the right side is a tapeworm that sucks blood.

What is the greenest bird in the world? It is a green -wide mouthbird, no one is greener than it.

What a quiet and beautiful, this is what the elephant looks like in her mother’s belly.

The dolphin is about to produce, and the half of the dolphin’s body has been exposed.

The praying mantis dares to provoke this bird!

The soundtake snake just swallowed a cricket, which was black and black.

This puppet is very fierce, and the fierce god is evil. At first glance, it is not ordinary. It is a close relative of Chinese mountains and African ghosts.

This fish is really large enough. It is hung from the ice bank and the iron chain is actually used.

I don’t know why, everyone bullies this chicken.

Now go to the supermarket and stores selling Basha fish everywhere, so do you know what Basha fish looks like? Take a look at Basha fish.

要 要 is mating, don’t disturb them.

Obviously, the cat’s mother and its kitten cubs were very tired.