Washing machine Washing socks will spread bacteria? What happened to socks and underwear? The truth is here!

“My God, it’s really convincing, how can we wash it!” Xiao Yu, a college student who had just finished bathing, came to the dormitory laundry room with a pot of clothes that needed to be cleaned. His eyes staring at the clothes that had been washed in the washing machine, and surprised like a wooden stake pestle there.

“What’s wrong?” The roommate of his peers leaned his head.

“It’s really speechless. I don’t know who threw the socks and underwear into the washing machine. It was too disgusting and didn’t pay attention to hygiene at all.” Xiaoyu complained full of disgust.

Without the words, another classmate came at the corner and walked straight towards this washing machine. While taking out the washed socks and underwear, he whispered “I didn’t have infectious diseases and athletes, how could it be dirty.” Then a few people argued a few words, and finally dispersed.

This kind of thing is commonplace in life. Some people will mix socks and underwear into the washing machine to wash it. Other people think that socks are dirty than underwear, they should be separated and washed by hand.

Today, let’s take a look at what is the difference between hand washing and machine washing. Can the socks and panties be mixed? If so, what should we pay attention to?

1. Is it really cleaner than the machine washing?

For their personal clothes, most people think that hand washing is cleaner and assured than machine washing. I feel that the washing machine is a semi -closed machine after all, and it is often inWet environmentAmong them, there will always be some dirt accumulated in the corners of the body, which is difficult to clean, not absolutely clean.

In addition, it seems that it can be “right medicine” by hand, it is easyHoldAppear on clothingStainThe severely disaster -stricken areas, repeatedly scrubbing to achieve the purpose of cleaning. andThere is no focus on machine washingEssence But is this really the case? From a scientific perspective, this is not the case.

A large number of investigations have found that machine washing is cleaner and hygienic than hand washing.Washing machine’s sterilization effect is betterEssence Experiments show that some bacteria will remain on hand washing, and there is almost no such situation of machine washing. Related information shows that using a washing machine, 45 minutes washing program+30 ° C temperature+ordinary laundry solution,Bacterial removal rateLess 99%, as many as 99.9999%.

High cleaning rate is also another advantage of washing machine.During the setting time, the washing machine can make the clothes evenly rubbing and drifting. Make laundry fluids and clothesFull contactIn the drum, the mechanical movement of the water flow is constantly beingBeatShakeTurn over, So as to achieveAll -in -one cleaningEffect.

In addition, washing machines also have a variety of washing mode,Can provide the most suitable laundry environment. You can choose different washing standards according to the types and cleaning needs of personal clothes. Such as heavy clothing, down jackets, sweaters, cotton and linen, etc.

In other words, inUnder the right washing conditions, ClothingIt’s easier to cleanEssence For cotton and linen clothing, water absorption is better. If you use a manual scrubbing method, you cannot guarantee whether the laundry solution can be cleaned. The remaining laundry fluid is attached to the clothes. Naturally, it is not good.

And if you use a washing machine at this time, choose a cotton and linen washing mode, laundry opportunityRepeatedly rinsed for a long time, UntilThoroughly cleanEssence Washing and down washing are also the same.

In summary, in terms of cleaning clothes, the use of washing machine was cleaned and hygienic than our hand washing. The washing ability of machine washing is strong and rich in function. It can also play a role in sterilization and disinfection based on effectively removing stains, and hand washing is slightly inferior.

2. Will the socks throw into the washing machine to clean? Will bacteria spread?

We can’t avoid walking and activities every day. Under the double protection of socks and shoes, we are in a warm state. Especially after exercise, the body will produce heat. At this time, in order to keep the body at a moderate temperature,FeetIt will appearHeat dissipationThe phenomenon. And there are sweat and cutques on the soles of the feet, which will undoubtedly create conditions for the growth of bacteria.The “cradle” of bacteria

So, when the socks are thrown into the washing machine, will the washing machine also contaminate bacteria? Can you throw the socks into the washing machine?

Investigation research found thatUnder normal circumstancesSocks can be washed machineEssence Because with the advancement of technology, the function of washing machines is constantly improving. Current clothingDetergentCanEffective removalThe bacteria on the socks can also be added to the disinfectant to achieve the effect of powerful sterilization.

Of course, ifWith athlete, fungi, etc.Infectious diseases areAnother thingIt’s right. If this kind of situation occurs, it is not recommended to use machine washing to prevent itPathogenIt may be attached to the wall,causeotherPollution of clothing

In addition, since we have to contact a large number of people and things every day,HandConferencecarrya certain number ofbacteriaEssence If you do n’t pay attention to the cleaning and hygiene protection of your hand every day, when the hand sanitary environment is poor, you can directly scrub the socks manually, and some bacteria on the hand will also bring the bacteria on the socks. Essence

From the above perspective, in most cases, socks can be thrown into the washing machine to clean.

Third, can socks and underwear be washed? How to ensure the hygiene of cleaning?

now thatSocks and underwearYou can wash it with a washing machine, so throw them into the washing machine togetherBaptismIsn’t it more time -saving and effort? But will it occur between clothing?cross infectionWoolen cloth?

From a scientific perspective, we can think that the bacteria carried on the underwear are far more “powerful” than the bacteria on the socks.

Studies have found that because some secretions will be surpassed on the underwear, the location of the location is high, and a pair of dirty underwear has an average of 0.1 grams of feces, including 10 million viruses, 1 million bacteria, 1,000 parasitic bags, etc. Essence The main remnants of socks are sweat and cuts off the keratin, and some fungi.

Seeing this, some people will definitely think of it complacent: “I just say, underwear and socks should be washed separately. They carry a lot of bacteria and throw them into the washing machine together. The consequences are unimaginable.” Starting from a scientific perspective, if you haveAthlete or other infectious diseasesif,Do not advocate mixingEssence Because in this case, such bacteria have a strong infection ability and the risk of infection is high.But most of the case, Socks and underwear areCan be washed,Throw into the washing machine togetherThere is nothing much influence.

first,Washing machine hasHigh temperature cleaning and disinfectionThe effects of the laundry on the market mostly contain surfactants, so it can largely clean the role of cleaning and sterilization, and it is more than enough to deal with the bacteria on ordinary socks and underwear.

Of course, we also have the great contributor of “disinfection”. Its sterilization ability is stronger and fast, with its blessing. The two -person “washing machine journey” of socks and underwear will be more secure.

at lastSince socks and underwear can be washed, how can we ensure the effect of cleaning? OrGuaranteeofSanitary safety situation

Suggestion choiceHot water washingmodelBecause high temperature is the simplest and effective way to eliminate bacteria, and can also fully dissolve detergent. In addition, don’t forget to join the laundry solutionAdd disinfectionThis can effectively sterilize without giving bacteria.

at the same time,KeepInside of washing machineSanitary environmentIt is also very important. Clean regularly, ventilate at hand to reduce the breeding of bacteria as much as possible. After the clothes are washed,timelyPut under the sunDryLet the ultraviolet rays build a fence for the healthy environment of our clothes.

Judging from the content mentioned above, except for some special situations, other infectious diseases such as beriberi are not recommended to mix them together. In most cases, mixing is no problem. As long as you do a good job of cleaning the sanitary environment, adding sufficient detergent and sterilization solution, drift with hot water, and drying in time, mixing can also achieve effective cleaning.

Fourth, extension reading: How to clean the washing machine in daily life? Try these tricks

(1) Select special cleaning agents for washing machines to clean

Take an appropriate amount of special cleaning agent into the washing machine, add water, wait for the washing machine for 5 minutes, turn off the power supply, soak for about 1 hour, let the cleaning agent be completely dissolved, and then clean according to the standard mode. and,The cleaning ability of special cleaner for washing machines is betterIf you use ordinary detergents, you cannot achieve the purpose of the body cleaning well and futile.

(2)The water temperature adjustment to 65 ℃ during machine washing

For enzyme -containing laundry powder, hot water can improve the activity of enzymes, so that washing powder can better dissolve and decontaminate, and reduce stains and oil residues on the wall of the washing machine.

At the same time, for the washing machines that are all available in the cold and cold washing function, chooseHot water above 65 ° CCleaning clothes, you can also playHigh temperature sterilization and disinfectionThe role of one stone.

(3) Clean at least once a month

Generally speaking, open the washing machine, the clean inner tube is visible to the naked eye. And on the other side that we can’t seeOuter wallIt is exactlyHidden in dirtEssence so,Regularly cleanIt looks particularly important. As much as possibleEvery 30 daysWash it once and keep the washing machine clean and hygienic.

5. Summary

In this new era of high -speed operation, everyone is too busy, either at work or on the way to work. Occasionally want to “lazy”, use the washing machineBaptismSock underwear isno problemof.butIf there isAthlete and infectious diseasesIt is recommended to wash it more secure and sanitary separately.

However, don’t forget to leave some time to goClean upone timewashing machine, So that it can serve us more effectively. Remember to rememberDry in time, Make hygiene protection and let yourself embrace life in a comfortable and clean environment!


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