China ’s core secret leaks abroad! What are the hazards of Fudan internationally announced the genetic map of Chinese people?

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图 —— [· Chinese genetic maps are refusing to be foreign magazines ·] —— »

Everyone knows that genetic technology is to put a double -edged swordFor example, although the genetically modified vegetables we often come into contact with, although high yields also have the advantages of insecticides, long -term use may have adverse symptoms such as toxic effects, induced allergic reactions, nutritional imbalances, etc. Time pushing a large area of crop death.

Plants can be used to genetic technology, not to mention human beings with more complex life structures. At that time, Germany Nazi distorted the use of gene theory in the 1940s, making genetic technologies become the accomplices of racial massacre.Therefore, many technologies of genes were once regarded as the “restricted area” of human science.

Some time ago, a news made a lot of people throughout the country. After a long -term research team, a research team from Fudan University completed the first pan -generated map of the Chinese people.“nature”On the magazine,This allows netizens to explode, and they have accused Fudan University of the team of “traitors.”

But is it really so serious? What is the scientific research team of this Fudan University?

因 —— [· · Pan -based diagram what is it ·] – »»

As a deep mystery of science, genes directly determine the various forms and characteristics of life, because different DNA sequences will make the world more colorful, but it is surprising that the 300 million base pairs of the alkali pairs in the human genome group are in China There are only about 0.1%different,However, this small 0.1%constitutes different genetic foundations between individuals.

For example, Africans ‘skin pigments are dark, Europeans’ high lactose tolerance, Asian skin is yellowish,These are the result of the difference between 0.1%?If you go deeper, different people often allergic to what kind of diseases often cause, and it is easy to cause diseases. It can be analyzed through the perspective of genes.The genetic diagram of the race represents the key to spy the mystery of genes.

If all the gene sequences of our Chinese people are cracked, to the benefits, some diseases can be used for the right medicine, developing special effects suitable for our yellow race, and it will make people who are unexpected as an invasive weapon.Directly disintegrated us through some genetic weaknesses from the inside out.

And this time announced in the United States“Reference Map of the Chinese Pan -based Pan -based Pan -based Blinds Based on 36 Ethnic Groups”It started with Fudan University since 2017. The major results have been achieved by 26 units in six years. After a detailed understanding of the papers background, you will find that the data in the paper is definitely not a letter. ,,The 1,000 sample data comes from 15 provinces in my country, including 25 ethnic groups.

From the perspective of probability,This Chinese crowd pan -genes can cover 99.9%of Chinese genetic mutationsAnd 80%of the special variations are the “new continent” that has never been mentioned in all references. You must know that the unique gene characteristics of the Chinese pointed out in the article are very significant. It is not advisable to open up from the perspective of strategic security considerations.Even Singapore’s doctors have a slightly word about this move, and I really don’t understand what medicines sold in the so -called “expert” gourd.

As soon as the forefoot has achieved proud scientific and technological achievements, the rear feet are sent to the American magazine. What is the heart?

重 —— [· Doubt point heavy ·] – »

In waves of doubts and discussion, Fudan University not only did not close the mouth, but was proud of it. secret,By researching more clearly and understanding the development history of our country, it also has a huge impact on the genetic evolution of ethnic groups.

In general, for their “grandeur” reasons, it helps us understand the mechanism of the disease.These mutant genes can be targeted in time, so that we can overcome many diseases.

If it is really said to benefit the people of our country or even all mankind, why should we get the international countertop? It is necessary to know that the United States, Russia, and Japan do not necessarily be backward than our scientific research and technology, but people do not talk about their own genetic maps, and they can not find related information on the Internet.It is puzzling that China has to open a precedent and become the first one.

If scientific research experts are too simple, it seems not suitableAfter all, the issues that scientists have come into contact with each other are all areas that ordinary people cannot reach. For the research results of double -edged swords such as genetic maps, how can they only see a good side? “, But in the moment when the geopolitical structure is unstable, these achievements are taken,It is really inadequate and inappropriate.

From a closer look at it, it is better to notice some clues. Touring time back to 2022, my country ’s decree is banned from providing human genetic resources from overseas, including but not limited to the human genome.However, the specific implementation should be waited until July 1.

Look at the release time of this article, reallyIt only appeared on June 14, 2023 in the newspaper of “Nature” magazineThe tiny time gap has to be doubtful, whether it is deliberate to avoid the clear text regulations.

However, no matter what the truth and result, the sensitive scientific research results of the genetic map should not be announced at will, because if some foreign warriors have researched gene weapons based on conclusions,It will pose a huge threat to the lives and property of our people.

器 —— [· Gene weapon should not be underestimated ·] – »

When it comes to gene weapons, we have to talk about the tragic history of the Japanese invading China. It has been carved on the shame pillar of our country as a precept. Now when it comes to that history, many people will still hate their teeth and their teeth. It hurts to hurt those who are casualties,Among all the troops invading China, the 731 biological forces are even more resentful.

In the 731 biological force, there are some anti -humanitarian gene weapons. Conventional biochemical weapons are the immune system that disintegrate the human body through microorganisms and toxins, but gene weapons can use genetic engineering technology.Let some of the original harmless viruses be reorganized and let them kill them invisible.

However, the terrible part of gene weapons is not limited to this. Generally speaking, on the battlefield, both guns and biochemical weapons are possibly hurting teammates, but gene weapons can make targeted key strikes on a certain type of crowd. This leads to various conventional treatment plans.It is necessary to develop “special effects” drugs for “special effects” gene weapons, so that problems will be solved.

Not only that, the weapons formed by the genes will continue to reproduce and mutations, which will not only gradually expand the scope of killing, but may even affect the danger of a population.This incident has not happened in history.

When European colonists went to the Americas hundreds of years ago, they not only used guns and artillery shells to yield to the indigenous people, but also deliberately spread diseases such as ceilings, tuberculosis, and influenza.Because indigenous people do not have gene antibodies, it directly leads to half of the people.

The vision is closer. In the SARS incident that appeared in my country in 2002, the SARS virus has a soft spot for the Chinese and Chinese from the statistical data.Many people have rumored that this is a genetic weapon developed for ChinaAlthough there is no sophisticated and confirmation, the reality results showIndeed, the Chinese are more “preferred” by the virus, and there are indeed different weaknesses between different genetic genes.

Such a dangerous science and technology must be cautious. In the face of Fudan University, the research results must be sophisticated to publish.Because this matter is concerned about our national safety, it is not possible to ensure that some people abroad take advantage of this.


The original intention of science is to better benefit human beings, not as human weapons.Gene technology should distinguish the relevant boundaries, so that human exploration desires should not be burned, let alone sharing these results in international magazines at will. If the original intention is that everyone will definitely be proud of this.But if it involves national secrets and even threatens people’s security, it will definitely be scolded.