Asian tiger shrimp, which is over Asian carp and greater human arms, makes Americans call directly!

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ForewordI’m not afraid of Gatling, I’m afraid of biological intrusionThis show is not an exaggeration to put on the old beauty that was “tortured”.

Biological invasion

An Asian carp directly “fell down” the ecosystem of the five major lakes. Just as its scorching head, the arrival of Asian tiger shrimp directly made it give up the struggle.

Just call to destroy, I just want to lie down!

What are the “Tongtian skills” of this tiger shrimp, so that the old and beautiful, which has always been fierce?

Where is the terrible biological invasion?

1. Asian tiger shrimp

Tiger shrimp fishing

I would rather face the tiger in the real gun, and I didn’t want to face the smelly shrimp in this basket!A U.S. netizen complained on social platforms, and his “emotional affection” also resonated with the majority of the United States.

They threatened: “When playing tiger, take me one!”

These dramas are enough to prove the “terrible place of tiger shrimp.”Tiger shrimp, also known as grass shrimp, is a very common kind of meat shrimp in Asia.

Tiger shrimp

The meat is firm, and the large amount of protein and trace elements contained in itself are loved by the Asian people.

andAmerican businessmanObviously, I saw extremely huge business opportunities, soA large number of tiger shrimp was introduced in Thailand in 1988.

At this time, they were immersed in the dream of selling a lot of money, and they did not realize that their actions would bring huge losses to their country.

Tiger shrimp

As an experienced businessman, they know the disasters caused by biological invasion. In order to prevent it from flooding like Asian carp again, they divided specialized sea areas for breeding. This sea area is located inBarry field in South Carolina in the United States.

Under Lao Mei’s “special treatment”, tiger shrimp settled in this small sea area. I have to say that the sea area is indeed like heaven for tiger shrimp.

There is neither natural enemy, the environment is suitable for survival.

Tiger shrimp

Therefore, the head of tiger shrimp is larger than when in Asia, which does make Lao Meida earn a lot.

It is true that it is indeed a profitable. Therefore, many water plant farmers have also joined. But when it was intoxicated in the dream of changing money for shrimp, a natural disaster completely pushed the situation into an uncontrollable range.

In 1988, an unprecedented hurricane swept the entire Atlantic Ocean with a thunderbolt.The huge waves set off in the hurricane rushed down the breeding base.

Hurricane strike

These foreign household tiger shrimp, “riding” the ocean flow, came to various waters in the United States. Although the relevant departments did fishing and rescue operations afterwards afterwards, unfortunately,More than 2,000 “foreign households” were caught less than 300.

At this time, there was only one thought in everyone’s mind: “It’s over!” In fact, this is not because it is too courageous, but the example of the living life in front of it, which has to have a headache.

I was scared and frightenedAfter 30 yearsThe tiger shrimp that could only be obtained by the order was completely flooded.

The flooding tiger shrimp

A female shrimp can produce50-1 million eggsEven if it deducts the loss in the process of shrimp, the survival rate of tiger shrimp is a realistic problem that cannot be underestimated.

At first, fishermen can only catch their figures in specific sea areas. Over time, the scope of the power of tiger shrimp has continued to expand.

In a ditch casually, the figure can be found.

The water is comfortable and there is no natural enemy. For them, the United States is heaven! HoweverFor Americans, they and tiger shrimp are deeply hatred!

Second, the economic loss beyond imagination


The continuous growth of tiger shrimp has been expanding, and the living environment of its native aquatic creatures is constantly squeezing, which has led to a large number of local aquatic creatures “endangered.”

PlusTiger shrimp has continued to expand, and its body shape has soared rapidly, and it has gradually endangered the daily life of local residents.

In various waters, ecosystems have been impacted by unreachable species because of this foreign species. What is even more terrible is that the power of these shrimp is not just about creatures and humans in water.

As omnivorouss, those who come to do will not refuse,Keep eating the roots of mangroves.

mangrove forest

As we all know, the United States is often threatened by waves. As a coastal guard, mangroves have always been fulfilled to prevent soil loss.

Whether it is to increase fishing or biological intervention, the final result is not ideal. Although the tiger shrimp itself has a large amount of nutrients, it can bring a lot of energy to human body.

But in any case, Americans can’t like it.

Helpless Americans

One of them is a psychological role. As “white people”, they were disdain at the beginning of eating these foreign creatures. The second is the change in the quality of tiger shrimp because of different growth environments.

In Asia, the body is small and the meat is delicious. But one side of the soil and water raised one side shrimp. After the species reached the United States, the meat itself became a bit more firewood.

Although the head is continuously expanded, its own meat texture has greatly discounted.

Most of the local United States likes “raw eating”, and the name is the most fresh taste to retain food. andThe fishy smell of tiger shrimp is also an unacceptable existence.

Tiger shrimp

Another more important reason is that tiger shrimp flooded in the US ditch. The water quality problem also led to the continuous body of the tiger shrimp bodyIncrease in harmful substances.

If you eat for a long time, it will cause huge losses to human function. It’s okay now, can’t finish it, and can’t sell it.

This time, Lao Mei really moved his stones to smash his feet, but when he regret it, there is any room for recovery?

It can be said that the United States’ resistance to foreign creatures is far away!

Carp invading

In fact, the United States seems to have been fighting foreign creatures in recent years.

Welcome in my countrycarpAfter the introduction of the country from Lao Mei, it completely sprinkled like a happy reproduction.

The initial introduction is just forClean up the flooding seaweed creatures in the United StatesCoupled with the number of fish in the sea at that time due to excessive fishing, it continued to decrease.

Therefore, after repeated thinking, the American spending money should return to the variety of Asian carp.

However, “please be easy to send God”, the arrival of carp quickly cleaned up the algae that was flooded at the time.

The carp that flooded the disaster

But in the later development, the number of carp gradually crushed the local native fish species. Not only that, because the number of reproduction is too fast and grows rapidly.

The density of carp in the river has seriously endangered the ship’s sailing, and even the carp attacker incident occurred.

The so -called attack was also because the ship was attacked by carp that was overwhelming when the ship was navigation.

As a result, the hull is unstable and causes the ship. In response to this series of “special attacks”, the relevant US government also organized a special fishing team.

Professional fishing team

But how can manpower compare the rapid breeding of fish? When this wave of salvaged fish was not sold, the new wave of carp was active on the water again.

In addition to fishing, Lao Mei also called on domestic people to eat carp. But unexpectedly, the well -received carp in our country arrived in the United States, but it became a disgusting existence.

The fundamental reason is because the carp itself is too much, which is a very difficult fact for American housewives.

The carp that flooded the disaster

Perhaps it was forced by carp, and Lao Mei even made it out.Fotonone toxinEssence However, the toxins were thrown into the water one after another, and the carp was not small, but the local fish received irreversible hit.

This series of unnecessary operations is also completely unable to complete Lao Mei. Helplessly, they could only face the tons of carp, crying without tears.

andIn addition to the invasion of fish and shrimp suffered by the United States, Australia also faces the distress of biological invasion.

3. Australia, which is mad by rabbits

Rabbit invasion

“Australians will never like rabbits!”

Do you dare to believe it? Now existAustralia of 10 billion rabbitsIt turns out that the rabbit is not even a rabbit.

And now all the “wanton arrogance” rabbits are all foreign households, and this must be “thanks” a name calledThomas AustenPeople.

At that time, he was just out of the novelty of hunting.

Hunting rabbit

The interest of hunting has not been enjoyed, and the land around his house is not like the rabbit.

In 1926, according to incomplete statistics, Australian rabbits reached 10 billion. Even the authorities had joked and said:“Australia has been ruled by rabbits!”

In order to solve the culprit of the mess of land, its government was racking their brains. From the rabbit hunting competition to the introduction of foxes for biological intervention, it is all incomparable.

The more and more rabbits, the most distressed in the local area.


They are in groups, constantly impressed, and eating local herbaceous plants. The amazing eaten rabbits swept the lawn.

It is well known,Australia is proud of the animal husbandry. However, the pastoral grass is gone, what economy is it developing.

They could not bear them and launched an attack again.

Rabbit slogan

Even in order to destroy them, the Australian government directlyDriving helicopter and bomberThe “general base” of rabbits bombed without difference. And in the invested cannonball, a large number of viruses that can kill rabbit body cells are also added.

But it is regrettable that the vitality of rabbits is completely beyond their imagination.

Even to this day,The “war” of Australians and rabbits has not stopped.

Maybe a little friend will be curious, will the above creatures invade my country? From a practical point of view, their invasion opportunities are not great.


Not to mention that my country is the earliest country to cultivate carp, just say the “108” method, and it is impossible for Chinese carp to flood.

In the case of Australia’s “enemy” rabbit, I believe that there is no need to say more, everyone will always think of a joke: “No rabbit can leave the Sichuan -Chongqing area alive.”

Sichuan personnel’s love for rabbits must not be allowed to be disaster.I think if it is not the rabbit’s own goblin, it has long been eaten as “rare animals”!

In the end, let’s talk about tiger shrimp, let alone grow into a thick arm, and it is not that it will not become a meal food.

Tiger shrimp on the dining table

It can be said that the Chinese people’s “food attributes stopped the phenomenon of the above biological invasion.”

But you have to say that there is no such thing as a biological invasion in my country, which is actually wrong.

According to official statistics, my country has become one of the countries with the worst invasion of biological invasions.The invasive species are as high as 660 exceptions to species.

The losses caused by these foreign creatures to my country each year are even moreUp to 200 billion yuanIn addition to economic losses, it constantly erodes the space of local dynamic and plants, which has also caused biological reduction.

Biological diversity

And to reduce the harm caused by controlling these creatures is not only the responsibility of the relevant departments, but also closely related to each of us.

Fourth, the author thinks

First of all, biological invasion except animals, and also includesPlant invasionEssence These overseas invasions are often attached to the luggage of tourists who return home abroad.

One is the accident of tourists, and the other is intentional smuggling.

Customs query

But in any case, their actions have brought great losses to the local production environment. And this also requires customs personnel to check carefully in order to avoid the invasion of these species as much as possible.

It can be said that the invasion of biological invasion is not just about the United States, Australia, and China. It is closely related to every country on the planet, because the loss caused by it cannot reverse the existence of recovery.

And before we can do it, it isDo not buy or release foreign species at will, thereby adding trouble for the country.