Huxiang’s natural calendar 丨 Fish Xiang shallow bottom ⑫ freshwater overlord, have you eaten?

Sunday, May 28, 2023, Sunday 8th Day 8

In the Dongting Lake Basin, a fish hot pot called “Butterfly Crossing the River” is popular in the folk -the fish head and tail are boiled into a bottom soup, and the middle section of the fish is cut into thin slices. Symmetric axes, slightly rolled on both sides, combined with rolling water, like the butterfly group flying across the river, with both beauty and taste.

The fish used is the famous “black fish”, the scientific name is Wuyu.

The beauty of black and mulberry, share in ancient and modern. The Book of Songs once recorded: “Fish Li Li Yu, 鲂鳢. A gentleman has wine, and many purpose.” This means that the enthusiastic owner entertains the guests with fat, 鳢 and mellow wine.

“Shennong Materia Medica” lists black crickets as “insect fish”. Li Shizhen described the black 鳢 in detail in “Compendium of Materia Medica”: “There are seven stars in the first, the shape is long, the head and tail are equal, the fine scale, the color of the color, the pattern of the spots, the abominable shape, the southern people cherished the food of the southern people. “,”

The shape of the 憎 is abominable and fierce in nature. It is a “notorious” freshwater overlord. Fish, shrimp, and frogs are all food. Studies have shown that a 500 grams of black murmur can swallow 8 tails of 10 cm long grass carp seedlings in a short period of time. At the same time, the 有 有 also has the habit of killing each other, which can swallow the body with similar individuals below 2/3 of them.

In the presence of the four directions, the blackness is not delicate, and it has a strong adaptability to the environment. Due to the unique gills, the 鳢 鳢 can not only breathe through the gills but also breathe the oxygen in the air directly, so even if it leaves water, it can survive for a while. When the rivers and lakes are dried up, the 湖 湖 can also hide the tail in the mud, exposing the mouth, commonly known as “sitting” or “sitting”, which can last for a few weeks to die and come out everywhere.

In Hunan, people use wisdom to tame black and develop, and develop them into rural revitalization characteristics. In recent years, Chaihuzui Village, Jiangjiazui Town, Hanshou County has built 66.7 hectares of cage breeding bases and 20 hectares of black nourishment bases through the “cooperative+base+farmers” breeding model, with an annual income of 5 million yuan.

【Little Business Card】

Channa Argus, a family of fish, is known as mullet, commonly known as black fish, wealth fish, and filial fish. The body color of the 为 为 is mostly black and gray, brownish yellow, darker back and top of the head, and the abdomen is pale white. There are two lines of black spotted on each side of the head, and there are irregular black plaques on both sides of the body. Therefore, it is called “wealth fish”.

Bulin is native to China, Russia and the Korean Peninsula. It has a breeding in north and south in my country. Not only is the meat tender, but also high nutritional value. It appears as food therapeutic materials in “Compendium of Materia Medica”. effect.

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